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Loyalty Software for Home Service Providers

Creating a brand in home services can be tricky, as the industry is mostly informal and there a lot of players in the market. Therefore, maintaining customer loyalty means offering immaculate service and value to users, so that they feel driven to call you the next time they need your home service at their house, workspace or other facilities.

A well-planned loyalty program can do wonders for home service providers like electricians, plumbers, pest control providers, beauticians, hair dressers, carpet cleaners, home cleaners, gardeners, and appliance maintenance service providers. It allows businesses to promote their services, track their sales, offer reward points to loyal customers and promote creative offers that help them enrol customers to their loyalty network, and get repeat customers, referrals and new customers.

Loyera loyalty software for home service providers has features that allow management of loyalty and sales to reach business potential. Loyalty softwares are generally expensive and are difficult to use when one is on the go, but Loyera is hardware-independent, and can be installed on mobile phones of service providers to enrol loyalty customers on-site with or without internet connection.

Ways to Enlist Loyalty of Customers for Home service

Home service providers have to be sincere in offering services and loyalty benefits to customers. There are softwares that enable businesses to implement the best loyalty program practices to increase their customer base over time.

It’s not just about rewards anymore. Home service companies and individual providers have to recognise the pain points and challenges that customers face pre, during and post-service delivery, and offer solutions to customers to enlist their loyalty. Customers do not always look for a bargain, but a service provider who listens to their feedback, resolves issues and empowers its customers.

A top loyalty solution for home service providers should have the following features:

  1. Local business promotion options
  2. Hardware-independent loyalty software access
  3. Rewards for customers on every service delivery
  4. Offer of one free service session after five visits
  5. Cash vouchers to redeem on future home service deliveries
  6. Regular promotion of services, offers and discounts to customers
  7. Discounts for customers bringing in referrals
  8. Platform to gather feedback from customers

Loyera is designed to streamline a home service loyalty program efforts. It allows them to effortlessly install a system that can help them manage their sales and customers over time. Loyera’s reward solution for home service providers offers the following features that can help a business increase its loyal customer base:


  1. Local promotion of business and products
  2. Push notifications about services, discounts and offers to loyal customers
  3. Remote use of loyalty app, as it’s cloud-based and can be used both online and offline
  4. No set up cost, as Loyera can be installed and instantly used even on a mobile phone

A Reward Program for Home Service Companies and Customers

The best loyalty software or app is one that benefits both customers and businesses. Loyera’s Business and Shopper apps offer various features that allow valuable sales and marketing interaction among businesses and patrons.

Home service loyalty software features offered by Loyera allow businesses to instantly add customers, offer them valuable discounts and rewards, and go beyond rewards to enable customers to give referrals and feedback on services.

Loyera’s 360-degree loyalty features allow for creation and delivery of the best customer reward program for Home service companies.

Loyera’s customer loyalty app is also very effective in keeping customers engaged. It allows customers to instantly join a business’ loyalty program, get updates on their offers and discounts, track purchase history, and earn and redeem rewards from service providers. It also empowers customers to share their experience with companies. Customers can even choose to advocate or support a business by promoting it in their social circle, if they like the service.

It helps create a valuable exchange of information and value among home service providers and their customers to create a beneficial-for-all service environment.

Easy Set Up with Loyera

As home service companies often work on-site, they prefer a hardware-independent loyalty software solution, and Loyera offers them exactly that. Homer service providers can set up their loyalty program through Loyera’s business app within moments, and start tracking sales, adding customers to their loyalty network and create a channel of mass marketing instantly.

Loyera is a loyalty software, which home service companies can use to retain their existing customers and attract new ones, and to make their business grow with a strong customer base. Loyalty of customers ought not be slighted if a business intends to not just survive, but expand and grow.

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