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POS software for home service providers

Home service providers have a very scattered market and they often look for flexible POS solutions to be able to process sales and keep a record of the orders completed.

Home service providers prefer using mobile POS software solutions. Small businesses also face difficulty spending large sums of money on subscribing a good POS software that can not only be used remotely, but also offers them the flexibility to add customized services and customer loyalty programs.

Loyera POS software for home service providers enables businesses to install a cloud-based POS app on their mobile devices to record every transaction undertaken by each staff member. It is free to install and use.

Loyera has Loyalty and e-commerce add-ons, which makes this home service POS software a 360-degree point-of-sale system.

Best POS Practices followed by home service providers

Billing software for home service providers like pest controllers, dry cleaners, gardners, pet cleaners, and beauty artists need to be accommodative of their varied needs.

Home service providers offer various services which they need to edit as per the preferences of their customers. Therefore, they prefer a POS software that can adapt to their needs.

Here are a few POS practices followed by successful home service providers:

  1. Add variations of their services to cater to various needs of their customers
  2. Add staff members’ names to the system to record the services delivered by them
  3. Record all transactions from client’s location
  4. Record customer data to send them promotional messages in the future to retain them as customers
  5. Cloud-based data maintenance to ensure that all the data is real-time and centralized, so that every staff member is on the same page
  6. Customer loyalty management

Loyera’s features that help home service providers include:

  1. Processing of orders from client’s location using a mobile app
  2. Feedback from clients to understand what they like and dislike
  3. Analysis of sales data
  4. Creation of promotions and offers for clients
  5. Cloud-based data for remote access and analysis
  6. Loyalty add-on to reward points to customers on each purchase to retain them
  7. E-commerce add-on to allow online booking of services
  8. Placement of home service provider on Loyera’s local app, making it discoverable to local customers using Loyera

Loyera billing software for home service providers is easy to use, and hence there is hardly any requirement to train staff members to use this POS app.

Benefits of Loyera for home service providers and customers

Loyera is a complete point of sale solution for home service providers. Its home service management software comprises of POS features combined with Loyalty and E-commerce add-ons.

A service provider does not need to buy dedicated hardware to run Loyera POS software. It can be used on a mobile phone to add services and process sales.

Unlimited services can be added to the system and unlimited transactions can be processed with Loyera POS, through its cloud-based data storage.

With home service billing software by Loyera, service providers can receive payment through cards, cash, mobile wallets and credit. This allows customers to pay using a mode they prefer.

Customers can download Loyera to find local home service providers and book their services. They can track the log of services availed with a provider. The app also enables customers to earn loyalty reward points with service providers.

Customers can give feedback to home service providers on their various services, and they can even refer new customers to them to earn rewards. The app also enables customers to access discounts and promotions offered by the service providers from time to time.

Easy and free Setup with Loyera

Home service POS software by Loyera is hardware-independent, and hence can be installed on any computer or mobile device.

It is free to install and set up. Businesses can add various staff members and managers to the system. Various services with prices, taxes and other details can be added to the system to complete the business profile.

After successful population of product and service data, service providers can immediately start selling to customers, while recording their sale and personal details to be used alter to optimize business offerings and improve results.

Loyera home service management software is a 360-degree solution with its Loyalty and e-commerce add-ons. This software empowers small and large businesses to process transactions and record data to fuel the growth of the business.

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