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POS software for hospitals

Hospitals attract patients or clients primarily on the basis of quality and effectiveness of health and preventive care services offered by them. Besides that, hospitals can streamline their operations, sales and business activities to ensure that their customer satisfaction rate is high, so that they return to the hospital whenever required and even refer other patients to the hospitals.

To achieve this objective, hospitals can use a good POS software that helps them generate value for their customers and businesses.

Loyera POS software for hospitals is a great tool which can be installed for free on any computer or mobile device, and it can be used remotely, too, as it is cloud-based. These prime features of Loyera POS help small to large hospitals install Loyera cost-effectively and to use it across all departments.

Best POS practices for hospitals

Hospital POS software solutions are used widely to seamlessly conduct appointment processing and other activities. Hospitals use comprehensive POS software to connect each department, so that all the activities can go smoothly to deliver a good customer experience.

Here are some best POS practices followed by hospitals:

  1. Capture customer details like email IDs, phone numbers, and birth dates to send customer engagement and marketing messages
  2. Manage appointment slots of doctors and other available services
  3. Send promotional messages to clients to keep patients engaged
  4. Offer reward points and priority services to loyal clients
  5. Integrate POS software with staff management activities
  6. Allow online appointment booking
  7. Operate through mobile POS software to all booking of appointments by all staff members
  8. Analyze data about service bookings to learn what customers prefer and how they behave

Loyera hospital management software helps carry out the above activities through its various sophisticated features:

  1. Registration of each individual patient before they book an appointment
  2. Giving print and e-receipts to clients; customization of receipt templates
  3. Inventory management of rooms and available slots with doctors and for other services
  4. Loyalty management add-on to manage customer loyalty and reward points
  5. E-commerce add-on to allow online appointment booking
  6. Creation of promotions and discount offers to promote among existing customers
  7. Cloud-based access to real-time sales and customer data
  8. Hardware-independent installation on computer or mobile devices
  9. Referral program to attract new customers to hospitals
  10. Addition of hospitals on the local map, to make them more discoverable

Benefits of Loyera for hospitals and their patrons

Loyera Hospital POS software can be used to manage various functions of hospitals in a streamlined manner.

Doctor appointment calendar can be created in Loyera POS, using customized product and product category features. Appointment slots can be booked easily with the helps of easy order management features. Each patient can be registered with their contact details. Appointment can be mapped to existing or new clients.

Hospital branch and Staff IDs can be created to undertake transactions in various locations and departments. Appointment and payment data can be analyzed to understand what services and time slots are preferred by patients, and how to price different services to get optimal returns.
Marketing or loyalty management messages can be sent to registered patients, to promote diagnostic or preventive tests and health packages offered by hospitals. Loyalty rewards can be given to patients who return to the hospital over time. This helps in creating a strong customer foundation for the hospital and increases its credibility and customer engagement over time.

Patients can also download Loyera POS to track their appointments, payment receipts, and loyalty points. Patients can also find local hospitals with the help of Loyera POS app.

How to get started with Loyera

Loyera is very easily to install across all the departments of a hospital. Since this hospital billing software can be installed on a mobile device, too, staff members can be allowed to use Loyera POS on their smartphones to fix appointments for new or existing patients.

After installation of Loyera POS on relevant computer and mobile devices, managers can set up a hospital branch with at least one service to start processing appointments and payments from patients and other clients.

As Loyera is cloud-based, hospital managers and owners can track revenue earned and other analytics to take sound decisions regarding management of the hospital.

Loyera POS software for hospitals is a cost-effective way to streamline their business activities.

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