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Loyalty software solution for Hospitality Business

Hospitality industry is a vast arena with a lot of potential sales and value-growing avenues for businesses. Services including lodging, events, transportation, cruise lines, and tours largely cover the hospitality business, and there are many local and global players in the market vying for an every-increasing travel market.

It can be argued that there is enough for everybody, but having loyal customers in the hospitality industry can increase a business’ customer lifetime value and reduce customer acquisition cost over time.

There are expansion and loyalty opportunities in medical, religious, leisure and adventure tourism, which can be tapped with a good loyalty software like Loyera. This loyalty solution for hospitality businesses helps streamline loyalty activities and makes a wider implementation of loyalty program possible at no cost.

How to gain customer loyalty in Hospitality industry

There are various ways to deliver value to your customers and gain their loyalty. The key is to understand what customers want and what their pain points are. When customers feel heard is when they feel satisfied, and satisfied customers can even advocate your business widely.

Here are a few ways you can enlist loyalty of your current patrons and attract new customers.

  1. Rewarding customers on what they spend on rooms, food, drinks, spa, etc
  2. Tier-based loyalty program, so that customers spend more to graduate to a higher tier for more benefits
  3. Access to and redemption of rewards across hotel branches and facilities
  4. Partnering with other hospitality service providers to expand the benefits of loyalty programs for patrons
  5. A free room night or services to patrons who have spend a certain amount or have used certain facilities with the hospitality service provider
  6. Appreciate customers by sending thank you notes after service delivery and by wishing them on their birthdays and anniversaries; this helps in brand recall
  7. Offer room and service upgrades to patrons on reaching a milestone

Loyera is a top loyalty software solution for the hospitality industry, as it offers enterprise-wide implementation of loyalty programs with ease, and it enables a hospitality business to:

  1. Automatically add all customers to its loyalty program
  2. Analyze user data to identify popular services and check effectiveness of loyalty program features
  3. Send notifications to patrons regarding offers and discounts
  4. Add branches and different service facilities to allow customers to use their reward points and benefits across business’ offerings

These features combined with more hospitality-based features like cloud-based data maintenance for a wide access can help set up the best loyalty program for hospitality service providers.

Loyalty benefits for both customers and hospitality service providers

Loyera has various features that deliver value to all the stakeholders involved in a sale. It offers a 360-degree loyalty solution for hospitality businesses.

Service providers can use Loyera Merchant App to easily add all customers to their loyalty network. This opens a wide arena of opportunities like offering reward points, getting feedback, promoting new services, discounts and offers, and creating a dynamic loyalty business structure with various branches and registered staff members. It is cloud-based, and hence can be used from any location, with the same user database.

Patrons, on the other hand, can download Loyera Shopping App to get access to all the reward benefits, discounts and privileges offered by their hospitality service provider. They can see what service they have taken in the past in their purchase history with the merchant, and they can know about all the services that are available with the merchant.

Wide and easy set up with Loyera

Installation of an enterprise-wide reward program for hospitality becomes easy with Loyera, as it is hardware-independent, cloud-based and internet-independent.

It can be installed on any device, including a mobile phone, which allows you to engage all the employees in the program. You can even add staff members to the app with unique IDs to track their contribution and reward them accordingly. You can set up Loyera both online and offline, so even if you are working remotely or from a place where you can’t access the internet, you can keep connected to your Loyalty program functionalities.

Customers can also use the loyalty app on their mobile phone to stay connected and engaged with the merchant to get maximum value.

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