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Need for a POS software for hospitality service providers

Hospitality service providers include event companies, hotels and other lodges, travel agencies, and tourism related service providers.

More than 1.2 billion international arrivals occur every year and consequently a number of service providers have emerged worldwide. Hospitality service providers need to tighten their sales process to ensure that they derive maximum value from each customer that they acquire upon spending a lot of marketing effort and money.

Small and big hospitality service providers need a software which can handle large database and accomodate the versatile needs of travellers.

Loyera POS software for hospitality service providers is Free to install and use and it is customizable, making it fit for both small and large businesses. Loyera billing software for hospitality businesses helps manage resources, sales and payments and analyze data to identify areas that can be optimized to grow business.

Best POS practices for hospitality service providers

POS practices followed by hospitality service providers often focus on optimally using the existing resources to maximize revenue and retain and grow customers.

Here are the best POS practices followed worldwide by hospitality businesses including hotels, travel planners, cruises, and travel companies:

  1. Managing inventory and analyzing their sales to stock optimal amounts
  2. Revenue management to ensure that maximum value can be derived from the stock available
  3. Allow customers to register to get regular updates and offers from the company
  4. Staff management to ensure that optimal return are reaped per staff member
  5. Manage payment options to ensure that all types of customers can access the services
  6. Manage all outlets centrally to properly analyze the growth of the business

Loyera POS offers various features that allow hospitality service providers to undertake the above activities and do a lot more to reach their business potential. Here are a few features of Loyera POS that can help merchants.


  1. Loyera POS apps can be used on computer and mobile devices
  2. It is cloud-based and can be accessed remotely
  3. It has customizable product categories, sub-categories, tags and attributes
  4. Unlimited products and services can be added to Loyera POS
  5. Inventory and stock can be easily managed
  6. Payment options can be set as per the requirement of the business
  7. Promotional messages and offer can be sent to registered customers
  8. Customers can be awarded loyalty points, which they can redeem on future bookings
  9. E-commerce add-on is available to sell services online

Benefits of Loyera for Hospitality service providers and their customers

Loyera POS features can be used to meet the sales goals of businesses. The features mentioned above empower hospitality service providers to undertake focussed sales and operational activities.

This Cloud-based POS software for hospitality service providers enables managers to manage inventory, prices and staff remotely. This allows all the staff members, accessing the account from anywhere in the world, to be on the same page.

Loyera hospitality POS software can be used on a computer or mobile device, reducing installation costs. This software helps customize categories for businesses to make this POS software more relevant to their offerings. Payment options, staff IDs, office outlets, services, prices, etc. can be added by a business, as per their business and customer needs. This allows businesses to ensure that their resources are being utilized optimally.

With Loyera hospitality management software, sales, product and staff data can be analyzed to ensure that the business is working at its potential. Staff members have to sign in and out of a register before they can make a sale, and hence every transaction can be tracked properly. Customer behaviour can be studied to understand if the offerings of the business are apt. Print or e-receipts can be issued to customers with this billing software for hospitality businesses.

Customers can also download Loyera app to keep track of their bookings. They can receive and track their loyalty points through the app. They can even receive offers and discounts from hospitality service providers through the app.

How to get started with Loyera

Loyera point of sale software for hospitality businesses is Free to use. It can be installed on any computer and mobile devices, which minimizes the hardware cost required to set up POS systems for businesses.

After installation, managers can sign up for a Loyera account, add business details with at least one outlet and one product or service to start selling. More customized products and outlets can be added to the POS software, as required by the business.

With Loyera Loyalty and E-commerce add-ons, existing customers can be retained and sales can be made online by businesses. This cloud-based software allows management of sales, loyalty, inventory and staff with ease and efficiently.

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