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Loyalty Software for Hospitals

Hospitals—big or small—rely heavily on loyalty of patients. This loyalty is usually towards the doctors and services. Also, as the out-of-pocket cost of health care has increased exponentially over years, patients prefer getting discounts and offers, especially on diagnostic tests and regular doctor visits. Customers are also more aware of the options available in the market, due to their digital empowerment.

There is a fierce competition in the market, with a lot of small and big hospital chains entering the market. A hospital’s management has to create a program to keep its doctors, staff and customers loyal. Hospitals have to ensure delivery of good services, infrastructure and value to its stakeholders.

A loyalty program for hospitals can help them attract new customers and retain old ones, too. By offering discounts and reward points, hospitals can ensure that patients find value in coming back to them. Including benefits for doctors in the loyalty program can help retain good doctors, which in turn helps in retaining their patients.

How Can a Hospital Keep its Customers Engaged?

A hospital has various stakeholders which need to be kept engaged in various ways to ensure that the hospital and its facilities have a strong base of users who either return themselves or refer other users.

A hospital’s management has to create a sincere loyalty program, as the biggest reason for a patient to revisit a hospital is their previous experience in regard to timely and successful cure of a disease and value received on diagnostic tests and other procedures and services.

Here are a few features that a hospital can include in their loyalty program to get the best results:

  1. Reward points on the money spent on a visit to the doctor or on any other service availed
  2. Offers and discounts on diagnostic test packages
  3. Discounted room tariffs for patients associated with the hospital for a certain number of years
  4. Rewards for doctors and employees enrolling more patients in the loyalty program
  5. Acceptance of insurance is an important way to attract patients
  6. Getting feedback from users and implementing change to ensure that customers are fully satisfied

Besides this, a hospital must ensure that their loyalty program has features to track the purchases made by a user. Analysis of user data is a great indicator of the effectiveness of the loyalty and other programs implemented by the management.

To have access to such features, a hospital can use a loyalty software like Loyera, which is comprehensive and covers various aspects of sales, loyalty and employee management.

Loyera ensures that a hospital loyalty program provides:


  1. Ease of use across various branches of the hospital, so that its large user database can be managed in a consolidated way; one can also monitor branch-wise data
  2. Analysis of user data to monitor the effectiveness of the on-going loyalty program in getting users to choose the hospital in future, encouraging referrals and attracting new patients
  3. Addition of new loyalty users
  4. Promoting offers and discounts on various diagnostic services and regular check-up among its old customers
  5. Encouraging doctors and employees to get more loyal customers on board and to help them avail its benefits fully

A Loyalty Program for Patients, Doctors and Management

Loyera is a comprehensive loyalty program that offers value to all the stakeholders of a hospital involved in their sales activity.

A hospital can set up its loyalty program with the help of various features of Loyera. Its loyalty app is hardware-independent and can even function on a mobile phone. Therefore, it is easy to adopt for all relevant usersdoctors and other employees who process a sale can enrol customers to the loyalty program, management can create and push offers to loyal customers, and points can be rewarded to users and relevant employees.

The customer loyalty app of Loyera makes it easy for users to track the reward points they have earned to be redeemed on their next visit to the doctor. They can also easily find offers and discounts given by the hospital on various services, to derive best value from the program.

Loyera is a comprehensive loyalty software for customers and hospitals.

Set Up Loyera for Hospitals

Setting up loyera is very simple, as it is hardware-independent. Its user interface is intuitive and simple to understand. Hospitals can simply ask its employees and doctors to install the app on mobile phones and start using the software to retain old customers and add new ones. No elaborate marketing efforts are required to promote new packages and discounts to loyal users, as it can be easily done through Loyera’s push notifications.

Customers can also install the customer app to keep track of the money spent on various services at the hospital and of their balance reward points. Loyera is a perfect loyalty program for hospitals and their customers.

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