As the very notion and concept of loyalty undergo an evolution, it becomes essential to identify and understand the change that is underway. In the hospitality industry specifically, there are several developments taking place simultaneously that are forcing hotels to go back to the drawing board. Signing up for the first Loyalty Software for Hotels you find and rewarding points to your guests is no longer enough. Here are a few trends that have gained currency in the hotel and hospitality industry recently:

Seamless Digital Solutions

As the mobile increasingly becomes the preferred device of interaction between a hotel and customers, customers expect a smooth digital solution that is open, accessible, and easy.  The days when a guest learns of their points balance only when they check in are long gone. Providing an easy-to-use platform – web-based or app-based – to allow guests to check the status of their points, view the redemption history, and choose their own rewards is critical to the success of a loyalty management program for hotels. Thankfully, inventive Loyalty Software Solutions for Hotels, like Loyera, have separate apps and dashboards for businesses and customers.

Multi-Generational Travelers

While almost every industry is busy wooing the millennials, the travel industry needs to adopt a more dynamic and holistic approach. They need to offer something to Baby Boomers, who will travel frequently for leisure, and also to millennials, who travel for the adventure and experience. While catering to multi-generational guests simultaneously might seem like a daunting challenge, it is, in fact, a great opportunity with immense potential. Equipped with the right loyalty solution for hotels, any hotelier can appeal to a diverse customer base effortlessly.


Experiential Rewards

The last few years have shown that guests and travelers are open to receiving ‘experiences’ in place of discounts. While nobody will say no to a free room upgrade or a free souvenir from the gift shop, there is an evident shift towards offering experiences which make the vacation more enjoyable. Experiential rewards can be anything: free passes to a concert, entry to a wine-tasting, a visit to the local cheese-making factory, or just about any local attraction. Rewarding the guest a pleasant and memorable experience is a sure-shot way to turn them into a patron.



Guests do not want to be bogged down by stringent and unfair terms and conditions or be told how to spend their loyalty points. The most successful loyalty programs for hotels allow guests to redeem their points in a variety of ways and do so without any restrictions. Intelligent Loyalty Software for Hotels can help personalize the loyalty management program for each guest, thus, increasing the chances of guests redeeming their points. The increase in the number of coalition loyalty programs in the industry, which allow for hotel chains to collaborate, also points to a conscious drive to provide more flexibility and options to guests.

That’s just scratching the surface! By carefully analyzing trends in the industry and understanding guest behaviour, hotels can really ace the shift that is currently redefining loyalty in the hospitality industry. Rest assured, only programs that are agile to the needs of their guests will thrive.

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