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It is critical for a hotel to retain patrons in order to register a healthy and sustainable growth. A loyalty program for hotels is one of the best ways to ensure that regular guests choose your hotel or motel over and over again. Hotel loyalty programs have proven to be an effective tool to retain guests and ensure that their stay is enjoyable. Guests gather free points when they stay frequently at a hotel or motel. Usually, a hotel loyalty program offers guests benefits like a free room upgrade, free cancellation, and early check-in & late check-out in exchange for reward points. By deploying an intelligent and intuitive loyalty solution to implement your customer loyalty program, you can accelerate your growth and success multifold.

Advantages of a Loyalty Solution for Hotels

A loyalty software solution allows a hotel to offer its guests specific rewards in exchange for their frequent booking and stay. By engaging regular and frequent guests, your hotel business will experience improved customer relations, better brand awareness. This will also make marketing strategies more effective. Loyera, an intelligent Customer Rewards Software for Hotels, offers individual cloud-based mobile applications for hotel owners and their guests. The Loyera Business App allows for hotel owners and managers to execute the rewards program remotely, and also provides real-time data on guest activity, points awarded and redeemed, and new sign-ups. Furthermore, Loyera analyzes huge amounts of data and information to help you offer personalized and relevant rewards to your regular guests. You can offer special deals like a free stay for every nth person, X% discount at the hotel gift shop, X% off on spa and beauty treatments, and additional discounts during holiday seasons. This will ensure that regular guests choose your hotel everytime they plan a vacation!

Benefits Galore for Your Guests

Loyera is designed to offer unique advantages for your customers as well. In addition to making the rewards redemption process seamless, the Loyalty Software for Hotels offers your guests with the latest offers and discounts on offer. Furthermore, your guests can view their activity history, total points earned, and total savings using the interactive Loyera Shopper App. They will also be able to access special deals and discounts that business merchants on Loyera are offering in their area. This means that they can maximize savings by simply shopping at their favorite stores! All this in addition to the benefits and rewards you can offer them.

Sign Up with Loyera

You can easily sign up with Loyera by downloading the Loyera Business App from App Store. After an instant registration, you can select a relevant business plan and go on to configure loyalty offerings. That’s all! You can now invite guests to join your loyalty program that will connect them to your network after visiting your hotel or motel. Start rewarding points every time they stay at your motel or hotel and offer rewards that can be redeemed in exchange. Loyera allows you to develop a loyal and trustworthy relationship with your guests. Get started with today and grow your business effortlessly!

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