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POS software for hotels

Hotels need sophisticated point of sale software solutions to ensure they earn maximum revenue through their given resources.

Hotels face challenges related to staffing, room occupancy, prices, efficiency, etc. at point of sale. For small-scale hotels, it is also difficult to spend huge sums of money to set up a good POS software with requisite hardware and staff training.

Loyera POS software is an intuitive hotel POS software with features that are customizable to hotels’ varied needs. It is Free to install and use, and hence offers solution to the challenge of cost involved with POS software purchase or subscription. Loyera POS is hardware independent and can be used on any computer or mobile device.

Loyera POS is easy to use and hence enables hotels to implement it across all branches through as many staff members as possible. With Loyera POS, sales and revenue management for hotels becomes easy and efficient.

Best POS practices followed by hotels

Benefits of Loyera for hotels and their guests

POS software for hotels have to designed well to accommodate all the best point of sale practices followed by successful hotels across the world.

Here’s a small guide to POS practices followed by top hotels:

  1. Management of all services and items purchased by clients through one hotel billing software
  2. Room reservation processing by sales, front desk and agent staff
  3. Restaurant sales processing for room guests and walk-in guests
  4. Room service, reservations, front desk POS management
  5. Travel agent and client specific prices and discounts on room reservations and other services
  6. Management of multiple hotel properties through centralized POS system
  7. Billing of in-room services and other items with guest’s room bill
  8. Email notifications to customers on booking confirmation, change or cancellation
  9. Issue of print and e-receipts to customers
  10. Integration of POS with Loyalty software and property management software

Loyera POS is a free software, which can be set up to meet all the above requirements of big and small hotels. Here’re a few features of Loyera POS that can be used to maximize revenue and streamline operations for a hotel:


  1. Addition of all hotel properties to the POS business profile
  2. Addition of unlimited services and products to the software to manage sales processing for room reservations, room service, restaurants, spas, etc.
  3. Adding staff IDs to the system to ensure that the staff delivering orders has access to the software to process sales
  4. Management of room inventory and analysis of room occupancy to manage revenue over time
  5. Analysis of customer purchases to price things optimally in different seasons to maximize revenue
  6. Creation of offers and discounts for guests and agents
  7. Upselling products by giving discounts on packages
  8. Loyalty and e-commerce add-ons to retain customers and sell online

Benefits of Loyera for hotels and their guests

Loyera POS software for hotels has various benefits.

Hotels can easily implement Loyera billing software for hotels in various departments like room service, restaurants, and front desk, so that all the sales made can be recorded in the system and mapped to customers.

Hotels can manage inventory of services like rooms, restaurant tables and spa service slots and set prices, discounts, taxes, service charge, etc. for different products and services in all its properties. Loyera POS can be used as a property management software by customizing its products and product categories, tags and attributes.

Loyera helps in revenue management and it helps base it on sales analysis. Revenue managers can study room occupancy and prices in different seasons to suggest the best rack rates to sales staff and agents and front desk executives.

Loyera is cloud-based, and hence can be accessed by staff member from anywhere, anytime, using computer and mobile devices.

Guests can download Loyera app to keep track of the booking made by them. They can keep a log of payments made, loyalty reward points earned, discounts available, etc. Guests can also use the app to discover all the services offered by the hotel.

How to get started with Loyera for Free

Hotel management software by Loyera can be easily downloaded on any device for free. As the POS software is hardware-independent, it can be used even on a mobile phone, allowing access to the software and its features to all the staff members in various departments.

Hotels can set up hotel properties, their services and staff IDs to start selling services to guests. All guests are automatically registered in the system at the point of sale.

Sales, customer and payment data can be analyzed by hotels to formulate optimal strategies and maximize revenue.

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