Businesses are breaking away from many POS traditions like spending a lot of money in installing a POS system, on train staff and on implementing the system over time.

There are free point of sale software for small businesses and big enterprises, which can be used to start selling systematically without spending a lot of money.

Besides cost-effectiveness, there are other advanced POS software features that help checkout queues move faster, collect customer data, analyze sales data, integrate operations, and more.

Here are a few ways in which paid or free point of sale software are being used to break away from POS traditions of heavy investment, rigidity of use and lack of mobility & options.

Cloud-based POS Software

Cloud-based POS software allow businesses to place their POS systems at places other than cash registers. With mobile POS systems in place, your sales staff and customers are able to complete orders in the store without standing in long queues at checkout counters. Less checkout time can improve your customer satisfaction and revenue.

Cloud-based systems also help managers and owners to analyze sales data from anywhere, anytime, so that sound business decisions can be made to optimise store offerings and sales processes.

Retail Apps & Self-checkout

You can subscribe to a POS software like Loyera, which also offer an e-commerce add-on, so that customers can place orders online. They can be given options of home delivery or collection from stores. This helps shorten long checkout queues in stores, and also offers convenience of payment and collection to users.

Self-checkout counters are used in food and other such outlets, where customers can place order on a POS screen and pay for them through cards, mobile wallets or other such options.


Most of the businesses prefer to have flexibility when it comes to choosing the hardware they use for their POS systems. Hardware-independent POS software are widely popular, as they can be used on mobile devices and computers, as per the requirements of businesses.

This enables small and large businesses to set up POS systems without having to spend a lot of time and money. When growing, businesses can even easily set up new POS counters without spending extensively.

Contactless payment

Many contactless payment options are used in stores these days to speed up payment and checkout processes. Mobile wallets, contactless cards, PayPal, and other such payment options are offered by stores to their customers, so that orders can be processed with efficiency.

This improves customer satisfaction over time, and increases chances of making more sales. Online payments and store collection of order is also becoming popular among some retailers.

If your businesses hasn’t adopted the above POS processes yet, then it is time you reconsider your options and take up advanced and flexible POS software like Loyera, which is free to install and use. It offers flexibility of using mobile devices, cloud-based data, analytics, customization features, and more.

Wether it’s a paid or free point of sale business for small businesses or big enterprises, it is important for it to be accommodative of the changing needs of the hour, to offer a satisfactory customer experience.

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