How it Works

Getting started with Loyera is simple. You can roll out your customer loyalty rewards program in a matter of minutes. Build a community of loyal and regular customers and take your business to the next level by using Loyera.

Here’s what you need to know about how Loyera works:


Download and Register

Download the Loyera Business App from iOS or Android app store and register your business with Loyera in a few seconds. Choose a plan best suited for your business needs, and proceed to configure loyalty settings for your business on the app. That’s it – You are good to go! All you need is to get your customers and start rewarding them!

Reward Customers

Set up a unique rewards program for returning customers by granting them discounts and special offers. You can also offer location-based and limited-period only discounts as well, to attract new customers in your area. Reward your customers with loyalty points every time they make a purchase, and keep ‘em coming back for more!

Invite Customers

Invite your customers to be a part of your loyalty program on Loyera and get them to install the Loyera Member app when they visit your store. You can start rewarding them points after an instant sign-up. Your customers can use the Loyera Member app to track, view or redeem their reward points anytime they want.

Grow your Business

The multiple benefits of Loyera will help you implement your customer loyalty program with utmost ease. You will develop a loyal and trustworthy relationship with your customers, which will result in a sustainable business growth. Loyera will supercharge your business and help it realize, and operate on, its potential.

Let’s Grow Together!

Get Loyera and supercharge your business NOW.