Loyera POS software makes it easy for merchandisers to add products to their POS software. They can add various useful details to each product, so that it becomes easier for sales staff to process each order quickly and efficiently.

Loyera is a free point of sale software that lets product managers add images, details of products and many other attributes for easy and effective product management and order processing.

Product details can also be optimized to enable customers easily purchase products through e-commerce website Add-on available with Loyera.

In Loyera POS product management, you can decide wether you want to place a product on your Loyera POS, E-commerce or both.

When used efficiently, these product management features of Loyera free POS software can help maximize revenue and profitability of your business.

Here’s how products are added to Loyera POS to attain ideal efficiency:

Product categories

You can create customized product categories for your products. This helps sales staff at point of sale to find products in the system easily to quickly process sales and payments for customers. Intuitively added categories can help reduce checkout time and even improve sales over time.

If you’re using Loyera E-commerce website add-on, then these categories will also help your customers to filter products easily to find relevant products and make quick purchase decisions.

Product tags and attributes

Product tags and attributes can be added to make product search more relevant and easy in both POS interface and e-commerce website. This again helps users including your sales staff and customers to easily find products to be purchased.

You can add tags like keywords and also add attributes like size, color, type and manufacturing date, to make product search more intuitive for customers.

Product name and description

Product name and description can be added to each product. Name the products in a way that they are relevant to the keywords searched by customers. Also include keywords in product descriptions.

These two things help customers and sales staff identify the right products, know more about the products at the time of sale and purchase, and and search products easily. This is the primary information that is required for each product.


Product variants

One great things about adding products to Loyera POS is that you do not have to create a new product every time you wish to add a variant of a product to the system.

You can simply go to the relevant product in the product management panel, and add a variant to the product of your choice. This helps you save a lot of time in creating new products. And also helps you manage products easily. You can even add inventory of each variant to keep track of stock.

Product brand

The next thing to do is to add manufacturer brands of products, if applicable. This feature is very useful for departmental and multi-brand fashion stores, as they can manage a number of brands they are getting their merchandise from in one place.

Merchandisers can do a brand-wise search of products to assess what to order. They can also analyze which brands are more profitable or revenue-generating.

Product images and video

You can add product images and videos to each product and its variants in the system. This helps sales staff to identify products easily while processing sales. This also comes in handy if you launch a free or paid e-commerce website with Loyera.

On e-commerce websites, users can look at product images and videos and make better decisions about purchasing products of their liking. Add well-designed media to make this section relevant for your shoppers and sales staff.

Product supplier details

Merchandisers can add details of the suppliers of each product. This helps the entire team be on the same page about the source of every product. This helps in addressing product quality-related issues faster, as everybody with access to the POS system can raise a query with relevant suppliers, in case there is any issue with quality or other aspects of any product.

You can even add different suppliers for the same products, for different branches, as the one branch may receive its merchandise from a different source than the next branch.

Product stock

One important feature of product management with Loyera POS is that you can add stock or inventory of each product to the system. This helps keep track of the number of each product available at each outlet. This helps in monitoring inventory for optimal stocking, against loss, and for efficient allocation among stores.

You can add stock of products for different outlets, as well, so that you can manage inventory at both business and store levels. This helps merchandisers take sound business decisions.

Product pricing

You can add price of each product in the system. This is an essential thing to enter to enable effective order processing through the POS software. You can add selling and purchase prices of each product. This helps keep a tab on profitability from each product even after discounts are given.

You can add different prices for different branches, too. This helps in keeping differential pricing in different outlets in different states or countries to maximize revenue.


Import and export product

You can import more than one product in Loyera POS software in bulk with the help of its import .csv feature. This helps merchandisers save a lot of valuable time in adding products to the POS system on a daily basis, so that they system remains updated.

You can even export the list of all the products that are available in the system. This is a great feature, if you want to analyze the stock, pricing and other aspects of your product attributes.

You can manage other charges like taxes, delivery charges, and service charges through Loyera POS, as well. You can even enter product discounts to the system to encourage users to purchase larger baskets of goods and visit your stores often.

Loyera free POS software helps business managers, merchandisers and sales staff to manage products in a way that the POS software interface and e-commerce is user-friendly and effective in achieving sales goals of the business.

The product categories, tags, and attributes, when planned well, do not only help in making selling and buying convenient, but also help in collecting relevant category-wise sales data. This data can be studied over time to take profitable business decisions.

Therefore, use this free point of sale software with planning to reap maximum benefits for your business. Explore all Loyera POS product management features and customize sections to make the software relevant for your business and customers.

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