Engaging customers while they are in the store or away from the store is essential to maximize sales. POS software are designed to offer information and functionalities that enable businesses to engage customers through rewards and valuable messages.

Many features of paid and free point of sale software enable profiling of customers, which helps in offering products, services, offers and information which motivate customers to increase their basket size, return often to do business with you, and refer more customers to the business.

Here are a few ways in which you can use Point of Sale Software to engage customers:

Collect Customer Information

This is the first step to enabling your business to effectively engage customers through various modes. POS software help collect valuable customer information like contact details, purchase preference, preferred prices, preferred time of purchase, basket size, motivation to purchase more, and birthdays.

Such information can be used to optimise product and service offering and to send personalized greetings and marketing messages to customers.

Create Promotions and Offers

POS software help identify customer motivations. This valuable information can be put to use in creating promotions and offers that can be sent to registered customers through SMSs and Emails. Customer profiling done in the first step helps in creating the right promotions. A/B testing can be done to identify what works for each type of customers.

This feature of POS software can be used by marketing departments to do cost-effective marketing among existing customers. This helps retain customers for a long time.

Motivate to Give Referrals

You can motivate customers to give referrals. This is a great way to engage customers. When satisfied customers are incentivized to recommend your business among their social circles, you get a new channel of customer attraction which involves very low marketing cost. You can use your POS software to motivate customers.

POS software solutions help you send SMSs and Emails besides reward points and discounts to existing customers to refer new customers to you.


Send Valuable Information

Using contact and preference details collected through POS software, marketing teams can send valuable information to customers about the store or products that they prefer. As per different segments of customers, marketing messages can be optimized to get the best response and desired actions from customers.

This helps create brand recall among customers when they are away from the store. It is a great tool to stay connected with customers and attract them back to the store.


Collect Feedback

Feedback can be collected from customers using customer details in your POS system. This helps customers voice their preferences and concerns, and helps stores improve their offering and services. This is also a great tool to create a positive online reputation for your business, which may attract new customers to the store.

Feedback collection at point of sale or through SMSs and Emails is a great way to know which activities of your business are truly appreciated by your customers.

Package Complimentary Products to Up-sell

POS data can be analyzed to see which products are often purchased together. This data can be extracted from buying patterns of customers. Using this data, complementary products can be packaged together to motivate customers to increase their basket size. This also subconsciously helps customers make purchase decisions easily.

Packaging complementary products are a great way to engage customers in stores. It’s a great tool to up-sell and make customers feel heard, over a period of time.

These points are a great way to engage customers using the capabilities of your paid or Free Point of Sale Software. You can explore and understand the functionalities offered to you by your POS solutions and use them optimally to connect with your customers to retain them and increase their lifetime value for your business.

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