We have already discussed the several costs associated with the initiation and installation of a customer loyalty system for businesses. However, there are ways in which you can cut-down, or even completely eliminate, these costs. In this post, we will discuss how to go about kick-starting your loyalty program with a zero, or minimal investment and introduce a simple and comprehensive loyalty software system that is available to small businesses at no cost. But first, let’s take a look at what you must know before you select a loyalty system:

Educate yourself

The advent of several digital customer loyalty solutions has undoubtedly made the management of reward programs easier, but, it has necessitated that business owners have thorough understanding of how the technology behind it works. Unlike the days where loyalty stamps and coupons were collected, all transactions today take place over the web. In this context, attaining a comprehensive knowledge of how web-based Loyalty Program Software solutions work on the cloud is critical to effectively run a customer loyalty program. Thus, the very first step is to educate yourself regarding the many types of solutions on offer, their varied features, and finding the best loyalty system for your business.

Design your program

Once you have a fair idea regarding how a loyalty management software solution can empower your business and help you retain customers, put your thinking cap on and design your loyalty program. Chalk out the progressive journey of the customer, right from the sign-up to redemption of rewards points, and at each step try to answer the what, the how much, the why, and the when. Chart out the rewards journey from the customer and the business perspective to obtain clarity on the finances of the program as well, and decipher the benefits of the same. You can opt for a points-based, a tier-based, or even a value-based loyalty program, depending on your business.

Loyalty program software

Identifying the right Loyalty Program Software that provides you with the required features and tools to effectively implement your loyalty program is probably the most important step in this process. With several solutions readily available in the market, you need to undertake a rigorous assessment in order to select the most powerful and cost-effective loyalty software.  Ideally, the software should seamlessly integrate in your existing framework and structure. Remember, price tag of the software solution is not necessarily reflective of its quality. There are several systems and vendors that offer quality solutions at minimal, or even zero, cost to businesses.

Run a pilot

After the loyalty software is in place, the only thing left to do is undertake a pilot test. You can ask friends and relatives to participate, or select a few loyal customers, and explain to them the new program. Either way, you will have to incentivise the users with a free gift, or a discount, to provide your genuine feedback. Examine the financial and technical aspects of the program, and identify the features that will be easily scalable in the future. Make a note of all the pain-points, and remedy them before rolling out the program for all your customers.

If you want to start a customer rewards program with zero investment, you will need a powerful and feature-rich customer loyalty software solution that is free and has zero installation charges. Loyera is one such intelligent cloud-based Loyalty Program Software that, in addition to being hardware independent, is available to small businesses and stores at absolutely no cost. What’s more, Loyera also comes with important add-ons like POS and E-Commerce. At Loyera, we are committed to helping businesses of all sizes grow faster and reach more customers. To know more about how you Loyera can help you retain loyal customers and support business growth, get in touch with us today.

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