When a business has spent a lot of money on strategizing a loyalty program, getting suitable hardware and software, and setting the program in action, then comes the time to educate customers about it.

Even fantastic Customer Loyalty Programs need promotion to highlight them among enough customers to make them successful.

What all ways shall be adopted to ensure that customers are well-equipped to use the Loyalty program that you have formulated?

Key to promoting a program is in empowering customers.

What to educate customers about

You need to give customers, three kinds of information:


Loyalty program and its benefits

First of all, educate customers that a loyalty program exists and it has certain benefits. It is essential to mention this information through various avenues possible

How to enrol in the loyalty program

Tell customers how to enrol in the program, and help them do that with ease. You can even incetivize customers to learn about enrolment or to enrol.


How to avail the benefits

It is essential that customers are educated and guided about how they can benefit from the said loyalty program, as it helps them take desired actions.

Tools to Educate and Promote

Here are a few ways in which you can promote customer loyalty programs and educate customers about how to use them.


In-store banners, standees, posters and leaflets

Place posters, banners and standees in the store where they will catch attention. Place them in trial areas, at point of sale, in aisles, in checkout areas, etc.

The art work should have information about program’s benefits, how to register, and how to avail benefits. Different media formats can be used for different education tasks mentioned above.


Newsletters and messages

Send newsletters and SMSs to customers regarding the loyalty program and its benefits. Also, inform customers when you introduce new benefits.


Personal guidance at point of sale

Customers can be guided by the staff at point of sale. Staff can inform customers about the existence and benefits of the customer loyalty program. Staff can even enrol customers in the program there and then. When a loyal customers makes a purchase, staff can inform them about the benefits they have accumulated and how they can avail them.

Guidance by on-floor sales staff

Sales staff on the floor can also educate customers about the loyalty program when they come in contact with them naturally. For example, when a customer approaches a sales staff to get help to try a product or know about discounts. Do not approach shopping customers uninvited, as it may distract them from the purchase they are there to make.

One non-intrusive way is handing out leaflets about loyalty programs to customers by on-floor staff.


Highlight on website

Loyalty programs and benefits must be highlighted and promoted on business websites to ensure that more and more customers learn about them. This even helps in attracting new customers.

Highlight through social media

Social media is a great way to engage existing and potential customers. Encourage loyal customers to share their experience on social media to encourage new customers. You can also create social media polls and groups to highlight the benefits that customers are already benefitting from.

Incentivize to join loyalty program

Customers can be incentivized with free products or starting bonus/reward when they enrol in the loyalty network. This incentive can be sent to them through an SMS or can be introduced by the staff at point of sale.


If you have the budget and are launching a loyalty program on a large scale, then it is wise to advertise in newspapers, on TV and radio, online and on road-side banners.


Referral program

Customers can also be encouraged to educate and enlist other customers through a good referral program. People are more convinced when a trusted friend or family member suggests to them join a program.

Customer loyalty programs are successful in driving sales growth when more and more people subscribe to them. It costs five times less to retain a customer than attracting a new customer. Old customers also spend 67 per cent more than new customers. 

Therefore, businesses should put a lot of effort in enlisting their staff’s support and that of their marketers to promote loyalty programs among customers.

It is these promotional activities that will bring your loyalty program in notice of your customers and make it successful, which in turn will grow your sales, and hence your business will flourish.

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