The holiday season is almost upon and the markets are being decked up to match the festive spirit. As people loosen their purse strings and splurge a little, a wall of sales and discounts will be vying for their attention. Furthermore, the fact that the quintessential customer of today is more aware and has more choice to exercise means that your Restaurant Loyalty Software needs to be really top-notch in order to increase footfalls this season. Here are a few ways to use a loyalty software restaurant to increase regular customers:

Identify Your Customers

The first and foremost step is to build a comprehensive and detailed customer database and identify the different kinds of customers you get. Populate the database with as many details as possible: frequency of visit, items ordered, average billing size, feedback and reviews, contact information etc. Some might come in every other weekend, some might visit once in six months, whereas others might come in for a specific dish on the menu only. Segregating regular customers into categories depending on their behaviour and preferences will help you customize your marketing message and engage patrons more effectively. 


Focus on the Experience

Give a conscious thought to how seamless the customer experience is. Did they have to wait despite making an online reservation, or was some special dietary request missed? Did customers have trouble redeeming their reward points, or were unable to do so because of a technical glitch? Customer loyalty programs for restaurants need to offer a smooth experience without imposing extra steps on their customers. This can be achieved with the help of intelligent cloud-based loyalty software for restaurants, like Loyera, that offer a plethora of features to enhance customers experience.

Keep Surprising Customers

An integral component of any successful restaurant rewards program is offering explicit and tangible value to customers. These are most effective in the form of surprise give-away: free dessert on the nth visit, bonus loyalty points for providing feedback, double loyalty reward points during the holidays, or a free meal coupon on birthday and anniversaries. Nothing cements customers loyalty like a free gift or an unexpected discount; the feeling of being valued will increase customer affinity, and also garner positive word-of-mouth publicity for your customer loyalty program. 

Reward Engagement

A potent tool that can amplify the message of any rewards program is giving away points on milestones: signing up, giving a review, providing feedback on the menu and services, offering suggestions, getting a friend to join the program, visiting the restaurant for the 10th, 20th…. time, one year of joining the loyalty program, earning and rewarding X rewards points… the list is endless. All you have to do is go through the program as a customer and identify potential steps which cause for celebration. By celebrating the journey of your patrons with your establishment, you will not only enhance your relationship with them, but also establish a level of trust, warmth, and loyalty that will encourage them to come back more often. 

How do you plan to your restaurant loyalty software to drive your revenues and business this holiday season? What strategies have you deployed at your restaurant to increase customer retention? Get in touch and let us know!

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