Ice Cream Parlours Loyalty Software

Managing Loyalty for an Ice Cream Parlours

For a business, like an ice cream parlour, turning a customer into a loyal customer is very rewarding in the long run. Therefore, when a customer walks into your store, your focus should be on offering them good service and products, and then some more incentive to return to the store and eventually become your advocate.

With the presence of so many ice cream sellers in the market, it requires a lot of effort to motivate your customers to make the effort to come to your store(s). One has to employ an effective loyalty program software to ensure that their ice cream parlour earns regular patronage.

An ice cream parlour, besides offering good ice cream, needs to motivate its customers to extend their feedback, referrals and advocacy for the growth of the business in the long run.

How Should An Ice Cream Parlour’s Loyalty Program Look Like

A loyalty program for ice cream parlours needs to look at a few things like satisfying its existing customers, gaining their loyalty, motivating them to refer new customers to the store, and delivering value to old and new customers.

The food industry thrives on loyal customers. Here are a few popular features for a loyalty app for ice cream parlours:

  1. Offering reward points to customers on their purchases
  2. Giving a free ice cream on every fourth or fifth purchase
  3. Enabling customers to add money to their loyalty account to have cashless ice cream visits in the future
  4. Allowing customers to leave feedback about the product and services
  5. Enabling loyal customers to advocate the ice cream parlour on social media and other channels
  6. Notifying customers about discounts and offers, so that they can keep finding reasons to come back
  7. Encouraging employees to add new loyalty customers to the network
  8. Motivating employees to help customers avail the benefits of the loyalty program

Loyera is one of the best rewards softwares for ice cream parlours. It offers a one-stop solution to all the loyalty needs of a business. Its loyalty software for ice cream parlours has features that allow a business reach its full potential:


  1. Adding loyalty customers with ease, and rewarding them with points
  2. Managing loyalty of customers across all the branches of the ice cream parlour
  3. Analysing sales data to ascertain the effectiveness of all the loyalty-program-related activities
  4. Keeping customers engaged with offers on various occasions
  5. Availability of loyalty apps for customers and managers to create a real-time connection between the two

A Loyalty Software for Ice Cream Parlours and Customers

Loyera is designed to allow efficient loyalty management for a business. It is hardware-independent, and hence doesn’t limit the business in terms of depth and width of implementation.

Managers and employees can install Loyera’s customer loyalty app for ice cream parlours on a mobile device, and can start adding loyalty users both offline and online.

Its cloud-based functionality lets you access user data from anywhere in the world, so that you can access and analyse customer information at your ease. This improves efficiency and productivity of the business.

Loyera’s Shopper Loyalty app has features that enable customers to find products, offers and discounts offered by an ice cream parlour. It allows them to leave feedback regarding their experience on the app or on social media. It also helps them redeem loyalty points for various benefits. Loyera’s loose change feature lets users add their leftover change on every purchase to their loyalty account and redeem it when a substantial amount is accumulated.

Easy installation of the software

Setting up Loyera’s top reward app for ice cream parlours is extremely easy and affordable. Both small and big businesses can use Loyera without any set up cost, as it even functions on a mobile device. It can be used across all branches of an ice cream parlour chain.

It can be seamlessly put into action after installation. The customers also stay updated about their rewards and benefits through Loyera’s shopper app.

A good loyalty program can do wonders for creating a business’ customer base, which contributes to its long-term growth. Your ice parlour, besides serving creamy and delicious ice cream, must also focus on make its value proposition strong with a valuable loyalty program.

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