POS software solutions are often employed to streamline sales and inventory management, but they have a lot of hidden advantages, too. One important management task that POS software help achieve is to help monitor employee performance and improve employee efficiency. This is done by using various features of comprehensive and flexible paid or free POS software like Loyera.

A few staff-related POS features that help track and improve employee efficiency are:


Timely login and logout

POS software enable businesses to set up unique employee IDs, and require employees to login or check in to open registers for sales, and then log out to close registers for the day. This helps management track working hours of employees. It also motivates staff managing point of sale and staff of other departments integrated with points of sale to display responsible behaviour.

Track sales accomplished and activities undertaken by employees

With the help of unique staff IDs, managers can track which order was completed by whom, so that staff members are given proper appraisals for their contributions to the revenue generated, during a period of time. You can even track department-wise activities, to assess performances of staff members in other departments of the business.

Optimize shifts and number of employees in each department

By studying data on sales made at different cash registers, at different times and in different seasons, you can decide the number of sales employees you ought to have on the sales floor in different situations, to get the maximum revenue. You can add, reduce or shuffle around sales staff to ensure that at all times your business floor is neither understaffed nor overstaffed.

Keep track of KPIs related to inventory, sales and payments

POS software solutions offer you information about customer data collected, sales made, products sold, inventory turned around, profit made and other indicators that help you assess performance of staff in merchandising, sales, production and other departments. Data offered by POS software help managers to offer appropriate appraisals to different departments, depending upon how well they do in terms of their key performance indicators.

Free flow of information across departments

Cloud-based POS software like Loyera help update data related to customers, orders and stock in real time. This helps staff members in different departments automatically exchange information without spending unnecessary effort and time. Integration and free flow of information across the business helps staff members to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently to achieve business objectives.

Smooth task management

With an easy-to-use POS interface, staff members can efficiently manage inventory, products, orders and payments. Complicated POS software solutions tend to waste valuable staff time by requiring unnecessary activities to be undertaken by employees. Advanced POS software automate a lot activities and offer intuitive features like bookmarking favourite or bestselling items to minimise checkout time, optimise returns and maximise revenue.

Therefore, if you looking for an easy way to ensure that your staff stays motivated and performs well, then it is essential to install a POS software that makes staff’s work easy, tracks staff performance and offers essential data on staff activities and achievement of objectives set for staff members. There are paid and free POS software available in the market with these functionalities, and it is an imperative for businesses to choose a POS software with staff management in mind to make their POS processes run effectively.

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