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The jewellery industry has long been targeting stylish and affluent customers, often evoking the concept of luxury. However, a consistent challenge in the industry is to keep customers coming back and cultivating loyalty. The reason behind this could be a lower purchase rate in the jewellery industry. As compared to other industries like food and beverage, customers buy less jewellery per year. However, since the value of the purchase is high, customer loyalty is integral to elevate annual revenue and retention rates.

Loyera, a cloud-based loyalty program software has been designed to help jewellery stores foster customer loyalty and enhance number of repeat purchases. Loyera helps you build and manage a community of loyal shoppers by attracting new ones and retaining them. Jewellery store loyalty programs can be customized with Loyera  and store owners can set up rewards, track customer purchases and track employee performance.

Benefits to your Jewellery Business

A loyalty program comes with various financial and non-financial benefits. Here are a few of the:

  1.  A rewards program for your jewellery store will help you offer a personalized experience to all your customers. By helping you roll out offers on birthdays, anniversaries, and during the holidays, Loyera will help you foster a better customer experience.
  2.  Increased customer retention will not only help you increase your revenues, but also enhance the customer lifetime value. Studies have also shown that loyal customers tend to spend more than new ones, and hence, returning customers are likely to help your business grow sustainably.
  3.  Using data analytics, you can easily analyze customer spending habits and preferences. This adds an extra layer of personalisation to your services and offers, which increases the chances of loyal customers availing to discounts and deals.
  4.  Loyera will help you successfully cultivate healthy customer relationships and make the most of your customers’ social network by helpling you integrate a referral program in your jewellery store rewards program.

Loyera Benefits Your Business and Your Customers

Loyera is an intelligent loyalty software solution that is built to help businesses maximise customer retention and make the shopping experience seamless for customers. By providing you unique insights about your customers and business, Loyera can assist you in making smart business decisions. You will be able to understand your customers and their spending habits, and be able to personalize offers for them. Furthermore, your business will be visible to shoppers and new customers in the vicinity who are on a lookout for offers and deals on jewellery, thus helping you attract new customers.

Members of a jewellery store loyalty program can earn points every time they make a purchase at your store, which can be later redeemed for discounts. Businesses can also offer other non-financial benefits like exclusive previews, special events, and rewards on special events to them. Any activity in their account will be notified to them in real-time, which means that any reward points added or redeemed which be instantly updated to their account. They will also have direct and instant access  to all your latest offers through the Loyera Member app.

Signing Up With Loyera

Signing up with Loyera is a simple two-step process. Simply download the Loyera Merchant app and register yourself. Pick out the plan that works well for your business and that’s all! You can now invite your customers to join your loyalty program and send them real-time update of deals and promotions right away. Sign up with Loyera and start building customer loyalty today!  

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