Jewellery Store POS Software


POS software for jewellery stores

Jewellery stores have a lot of inventory to manage and they often work with a base of customers that visit them repeatedly. Jewellery products can be expensive, and hence it is important to keep them accounted in a POS system.

To ensure that jewellery store customers remain loyal and to attract new customers, stores need to offer good services besides selling good products and designs. They even need to engage their customers from time to time by offering discounts and other incentives.

Jewellery stores can use efficient POS software solutions to ensure that their sales go smoothly and their offering can be optimized to get the maximum benefits.

Loyera POS software for jewellery stores allows businesses to manage inventory and product categories, besides processing sales, managing staff, and analyzing sales data. It is free to install and use.

Best POS practices for jewellery stores

Jewellery stores need to follow certain point of sale practices to ensure that they function efficiently and profitably. Here are a few things jewellery stores should do through their POS software to get the best results:

  1. Add all products in their POS software to ensure that each product in the store is accounted for
  2. Manage stock of every stock and its variations
  3. Enter staff IDs to map staff members to sales made
  4. Record each order with a break-down of items, prices and discounts
  5. Engaging customers by sending them occasional marketing messages and discounts
  6. Keep a log of sales made and payments received
  7. Rewarding customer loyalty points and engaging customers through other incentives
  8. Earning referrals from existing customers by offering them incentives

Loyera jewellery store POS software allows managers to optimize their sales-related operations. Here’re features of Loyera POS which empower jewellery stores to


  1. Set up all outlets of jewellery store using one Loyera account
  2. Set up staff and manager IDs, which can be used to login at a register before a sale is made
  3. Customize product categories, tags and attributes
  4. Add Unlimited product to the point of sale software
  5. Manage inventory and stock to ensure optimal availability of products
  6. Set prices and discounts from back-end or by POS staff
  7. Set up of payment options by managers
  8. Send promotions and discounts among registered shoppers
  9. Analyze sales and customer data
  10. Access order and payment log to keep a tab on the pulse of the business

Benefits of Loyera for jewellery stores and shoppers

Loyera POS software enables jewellery stores to manage all aspects of sales with efficiency and effectiveness.

With Loyera jewellery store management software, staff and store management can be done by adding all outlets and staff IDs to the system. This helps understand which stores are performing better and which staff team is functioning optimally.

Inventory management features of Loyera POS allow businesses to ensure that all the products and their variations are in the system, so that they can be entered properly while making an invoice. Stocking each jewellery piece helps stores to sell optimally. This jewellery store management software allows businesses to receive payments in cash, through credit/debit cards or on credit. Promotional messages can be sent to customers to keep them engaged and bring them back to the store. This jewellery store billing software can be used to issue print and e-receipts to customers.

Customers can also download Loyera app to keep track of their purchases, to receive e-receipts, to keep a log of their loyalty points, and to receive offers and discounts.

Loyera jewellery store POS software is designed to benefit both merchants and customers, and it helps jewellery stores to be highlighted among local shoppers using Loyera.

How to get started with Loyera

Loyera POS can be installed by jewellery stores without spending on dedicated hardware, as Loyera can be installed on any computer or mobile device. The software is free to install and use.

Loyera POS can be used immediately after installation. All one needs to do is set up a business account with at least one outlet and a one or more products or services. One can start adding customers to their data, every time they make a sale at point of sale.

E-commerce and loyalty add-ons of Loyera can be used for free with POS to retain customers and sell online. This helps grow business through repeat customers and by reaching a wide market online.

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