Cafe POS software are used to streamline sales, inventory, marketing and service management. Among many activities that POS software solutions let you perform, marketing functionalities of POS software like Loyera can be leveraged to promote your brand and products among existing and new customers.

Here are a few ways your cafe POS software can assist you in marketing: 

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship can be managed with the help of your POS software. With the data you collect about your customers, you can engage them in different ways. You can send promotional messages, engaging content, and attractive offers to your customers from time to time. You can also send them greetings on relevant occasions to make them feel special.

Customer relationship management helps you retain customers for long and increase their lifetime value and basket size. It also often helps cafes in spreading a positive word of mouth.

Loyalty program

Loyalty programs are great marketing tools for cafes. Cafes can use Loyalty rewards to attract customers back. It costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain one.Therefore, you can use loyalty features of your POS system to give loyalty rewards to existing customers to encourage them to return often and buy more. Loyalty rewards can be customized to suit customer preferences, over time.

Loyalty software features or add-ons of POS software like Loyera help cafes build a loyal customer base. This helps in creating a strong foundation for business expansion.

Receipt templates

Customized receipt templates are a great way to market new menu items, offers, and other marketing messages to cafe customers. POS software enable marketing executives to add various kinds of marketing messages to receipts issued to customers. Some other things promoted on receipts are referral programs, loyalty program features, terms and conditions, etc.

Customization of receipt templates also enables businesses to add brand elements to receipts. Branding receipts is a basic yet essential marketing activity.

Referral program

Cafe POS software like Loyera also help run referral programs. Satisfied and loyal customers can be identified and encouraged to refer new customers to your cafe. Reward points can be given to existing customers when they refer your cafe to their friends and acquaintances who convert into your new customers. Encouraging messages can be sent to existing customers to promote a referral program.

Referral program features of POS software need to be used strategically with satisfied customers, to get the best campaign response.

Customer database creation

POS software solutions help cafe staff to capture customer contact information like email IDs, and phone numbers. This information can be leveraged to send marketing messages to customers to bring them back to outlets, up-sell, promote new products, etc. Customer information like birthdays and customer preferences can be recorded to engage them more effectively.

Creation of customer database is of great value to a business, as it contributes to enabling cost-effective marketing activities of a business.

Analytics for marketing support

POS software solutions offer analytics on what sells at what time and at what price. Customer behaviour analytics are also a great way to understand what customers prefer and what motivates them. Marketing programs and offers can be created on the basis of valuable information and insights gathered from POS analytics features.

Analytics are important to make sound business and marketing decisions. They also help identify and optimize effective campaigns.

Marketing through your POS software is possible in many other ways besides the ones mentioned above. One interesting feature of Loyera POS worth mentioning in this context is that it puts cafes on local maps, making them easily discoverable by their relevant target markets.

Similarly, there are many marketing functions and objectives that can be carried out and accomplished through a good cafe POS software.

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