Local Area Marketing

Loyera can be used to support marketing and promotional campaigns as well. By establishing a direct access to your customers, Loyera provides you a simple and efficient mechanism to engage them with promotional information.

With a variety of practical features, Loyera allows you to reach your customers effectively. Consider the following:

Push Notifications

Everytime you wish to offer a flash sale or put a product on limited-period discount, all you have to do is send a notification to your customers. This real-time, instant and direct communication will increase the number of customers who avail to the offer and participate in the sale.

Email Marketing

Loyera also offers email marketing. By spreading the word on discounts and offers on popular products through email, Loyera ups the chances of your success. Loyera also offers additional resources and support to help you perfect your email marketing campaign.

Customised Messaging

Surveys show that personalised messaging and experiences influence brand loyalty and sales significantly. Loyera’s intelligent systems allow you to do just that, and reach out to your customers individually.

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