Loyalty Analytics Support 

Loyera offers smart and sophisticated data analytics support to Business Merchants and helps them make informed business decisions. By analysing customer activity, customer preferences, popular products, frequency of rewards redemption and other crucial data, Loyera helps you understand the nuances of your business and customer behaviour.

That’s not all! The intelligent customer loyalty software also offers you:

Customer Information Analysis

Understand what your customers like, what products are popular, how many of them purchased discounted products, and how frequently they choose to redeem their reward points. The first step to designing robust marketing strategies is to understand your customers and Loyera helps you do just that.

Trends Prediction

Loyera pre-emptively reminds you that a lean sales period is about to kick in, depending on the sales and activity history. You can design your business and marketing strategies accordingly and prevent a drop in revenues. Furthermore, you can also study trends related to customer choices, sales, festive seasons, and draw your own conclusions.


Smart Business Decisions

You no longer have to gamble on inventory and stocks or shoot in the dark while predicting what products will be popular. Every sale and reward that passes through Loyera is stored and analyzed to give you a comprehensive understanding of your business and products.

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