Loyera Member App

Members who are a part of the Loyera network enjoy a host of exclusive benefits, discounts, and privileges. By earning rewards on every purchase, Loyera Members get to save more and shop smarter.

Loyera for Customers

As a customer, you can easily earn and redeem reward points at your favorite stores and outlets by simply getting the Loyera Member app. By joining the rewards program of your favorite store or retailer, you get access to a wide variety of benefits.

Here’s how becoming a Loyera Member will benefit you:

More Savings

With Loyera, every time you make a purchase at your favorite store, you get to earn reward points which can be redeemed later for discounts and special offers. By simply being a part of the Loyera network, you get to increase your savings.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Business Merchants who have partnered with Loyera offer exclusive deals and discounts to their customers. Flash-sales, happy hours, festive season offers – you will find a host of unique and attractive offers!

Hyper-Local offers

Loyera is in your neighborhood! You can explore stores and retailers in your area offering discounts and drop in to avail them. Look up hyper-local offers in your area, shop smarter and save more. Explore offers in your area now!

Multi-Industry Network

Loyera is present in diverse industries and has business merchants of all sizes on its network. A standalone cafe or a multi-location fashion outlet: we have loyalty solutions for everyone! Explore Loyera’s Partners List now!

Get the Loyera Member app now and start saving money every time you make a purchase at your favorite store.

The Loyera Member app comes with a host of handy features that makes your shopping experience smarter and help you save more:

Real-Time Updates

All shopping activity is reflected on your Loyera Member app in real-time. Reward points are credited and redeemed instantly for a smooth shopping experience.

Location-Based Exploration

Look up special discounts and offers in your area with a dynamic location-based exploration tool.


Activity Log

You can easily view your activity log and keep a track of your purchases, points earned or redeemed and balance reward points. Manage your loyalty points effortlessly.

Social Media Integration

Keep a tab on how many points your friends have earned, and how far behind you are! Reach new point milestones and share your journey with everyone!

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