Loyalty Software Apps

With separate apps for Business Merchants and Customer Members, Loyera provides a holistic and comprehensive customer loyalty solution that is easy to manage. The apps have been designed to offer a seamless experience to both, the merchant and customer, and help them keep a track of reward points with ease.

Some of the salient features of the Loyera Business and Member apps are listed below:

Location Based Exploration

Merchants can offer hyper-local offers to customers in their area or go for time-restricted discounts to attract new customers. Customers can explore discounts and offers in their area on an interactive map as well.


Real Time Updates

The cloud-based apps automate the process of rewarding and redeeming points, which are reflected instantaneously, on both the Business and Member app. Seamless integration with the PoS system ensures zero lag.


Easy Tracking

The apps have a simple and intuitive user interface and allow customers to easily keep track of how many points they have earned. Whereas, the merchant can keep a tab on the points awarded, redeemed and their corresponding discount value.

Social Media Integration

Business Merchants can publicise their offers and discounts using inbuilt social media plugins, whereas customers can view their friends’ reward activity as well.

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