The fact that customer loyalty programs help businesses retain and engage returning customers is well-known. However, did you also know that you can use intelligent Loyalty Software Solutions re-engage customers who have gone off the grid and stopped purchasing your products and services? Let’s take a look at five ways in which you can work your way back in with inactive customers:

Leveraging the Power of Events and Festivals

If festivals like Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or any sports league tournaments are approaching, make sure you design relevant offers around the same. Customers are not only likely to splurge more during the festive season but are also on the lookout for offers and discounts that help them save a few bucks. With the right offer, you might just be able to pull your customers back in.

‘We Miss You’ Campaigns

Whether it’s a short SMS or a clever email – let your customers know that they are missed. To ensure that the message doesn’t miss their eyes, throw in an incentive: an extra X% discount, exclusive access to limited products or even give away a small freebie. A little nudge goes a long way to ensure that your customers view new products and take you up on discounts and offers.

Double or Triple the Reward Points

For a limited time period, double or triple the number of points you usually reward on every purchase. Leverage the analytics of intelligent Loyalty Software Solutions to couple this offer with relevant and personalized communication on customer’s preferred product, and hence, increase the chances of making it a success. This also serves as a great method to remind your customer of all the advantages of the loyalty program and reintroduce them to its features and processes.

Organize a Community Event

What better way to let your customers know that you value them than organizing an event just for them? It doesn’t have to be a high-profile do, for the idea is to display new products to old customers, give away attractive incentives, and engage them with fun activities. Shopping these days is increasingly about the experience as much as about the product – so make sure you deliver an enjoyable experience and ensure that customers recall your brand positively.

Multi-Channel Approach

Lastly, in order to ensure that customers effectively re-engage with your brand and business, devise a multi-channel approach. Additionally, this approach must have deep-linking and offer a seamless customer experience. For example, if you send your customers a CTA link on SMS/email, make sure that it opens on the relevant screen on your loyalty software solution platform/application. Any disconnect or lag in the process of your customer accessing the offer or availing to it increases the chances of them abandoning the process altogether.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Intelligent Loyalty Software Solutions like Loyera can not only help you retain loyal customers, attract new ones, but also re-engage the customers you have lost. Get started today and pave way for a sustainable business growth by increasing customer retention.

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