Loyera For Business

Loyera is a FREE, intuitive, and efficient business software solution that fulfils a business’ Point of Sale, Loyalty, E-commerce and Rostering management requirements. This cloud and app-based software enables businesses worldwide to manage variables like in-store and online sales, customer rewards, offers, and staff performance.

Loyera is a unique hardware-independent software for businesses of all kinds, and it is suitable for all industries. Its easy-to-use features and no-hassle setup make it accessible to business owners with different levels of tech prowess or devices.

The Loyera Suite

Whether you own a standalone cafe or run a multi-outlet retail chain, Loyera can help you manage sales, customer loyalty, and employee rosters effortlessly. Here’s how businesses can use the Loyera family of products:


Manage and track sales with Loyera’s POS software. Businesses can track their sales and use analytics to gain insight into customers’ buying behaviour.


Give rewards on sales and offer deals to the customers in your loyalty network. Loyera’s smart features allow retention of old customers and gaining new ones.


Reach thousands of local customers with hyper-local offers. Become a champion in your vicinity with products and prices that no one else can match.


Optimize employee management by creating rostering plans as per their skills and performance. Set up staff profiles to monitor their performance and create optimal KPIs.

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