Customer loyalty program software often come packed with multiple features to assist businesses in retaining their loyal customers. However, in order to make the most of your Loyalty Management Software, you should be well-versed with its most elemental features. If you are struggling to efficiently use your loyalty software, here are some basic features you must focus on to derive maximum benefit your business:


Customized Marketing


New age loyalty software aggregate customer information and preferences according to their purchase activity and history. This can be a potent tool in crafting personalized marketing and promotional campaigns. Studies have shown that customers cherish personalized communication and are more likely to remain loyal if they feel valued. Thus, by targeting customers and shoppers with relevant messaging, you are increasing the chances of retaining them. Additionally, customers also feel more connected to your brand and business when you personalize communication.


Data Analytics and Reporting


Intelligent loyalty software empower you with insights founded in objective data. In addition to collecting customer contact information, any Loyalty Management Software will also record their activity and behavior. This can help you in predicting the oncoming of a lean sales period, identifying popular products, and to prepare for a busy festive season. Reports and assessments based on data and numbers provide your business with an edge. As a result, you no longer have to take business decisions based on a hunch.


Remote Access


Cloud-based loyalty solutions are accessible from anywhere in the world. This means you need not be physically present at your business store location to keep a track of sales, customers, rewards and products. In addition, you can view data regarding customer activity, purchase and behavior instantly in real-time. This data is useful in designing suitable marketing strategies and also executing them remotely. Furthermore, you can also keep a tab on employee activity, reward points credited or redeemed, and new customers enrolled in your loyalty program – all remotely.


Mobile Application


Since most loyalty solutions also come with an exclusive mobile application, businesses now have a direct communication channel with their customers. Sending bulk emails and SMSes, with no way to determine if they are serving their purpose, is a thing of the past. Today, dedicated customer loyalty apps allow you to send instant notifications, devise dynamic Call-to-Action marketing strategies and provide real-time updates. A lot depends on how you use these new channels to reach your customers with relevant information.


A Loyalty Management Software is not just about giving away rewards or offering discounts to your customers. Today, there is an equal focus on collecting data and information, and more importantly, using it effectively. As a result, this forms a crucial aspect of running any customer loyalty management program.

A smart and intelligent loyalty solution, combined with strategic decision-making can do wonders for any business. Loyera is a simple, easy and efficient cloud-based customer loyalty solution that can help your business grow leaps and bounds.


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