A customer loyalty program for cafes can be used as a potent tool during the holiday season. Here are a few tips for new cafe owners to use loyalty solutions to engage customers, grow their business, and market effectively during the holidays:

Build an Experience

You need to create an amazing and unique experience for your customers to choose your cafe. Loyalty solutions for cafes can help you gather reviews and feedback regarding things like the items on your menu, the service offered, the friendliness of the staff, and so much more. By using a loyalty software for cafes, you can send short surveys and questionnaires to your patrons and identify your strengths and base your holiday promotions around the same. For instance, integrating holiday related elements with your most popular products is a great way to create a buzz around your holiday offers.


Creative Promotions

A critical reason as to why building a unique experience is essential is to offer something different than what is already on the market. However, you need to get the word out well in advance, if you want your strategy to actually work. Depending on which medium of marketing works best for your business: print, online, or broadcast, make sure you are promoting your holiday special offer sufficiently. An intelligent loyalty software for cafes can help you segregate loyal customers on the basis of their purchase history and reach out to them accordingly. What’s more, by sending instant push notifications to your customers, you can be sure that your offers and promotions are directly reaching them.

More Rewards on Everything

More reward points on orders placed, friends referred, and joining the loyalty program! According to your financials, give away more points than usual in order to attract more customers. To lure back customers who haven’t earned or redeemed points in a while, come up with offers that give away double reward points or give a free product on their next order. Any intelligent loyalty software for cafes can help you identify loyal customers who haven’t visited your cafe or placed an order recently. Offer them a discount or a free dessert on their favourite meals on their next visit, and pay extra attention to interacting with them personally when they drop by.

Employee Contests

Another under-utilized strategy is to incentivize to your employees. Your loyalty solution can help you keep a track of which employees signed up maximum customers, billed the maximum number of items, or got the best reviews. You can also customize it to keep a count of how many employees helped your customers avail to a deal or offer, or sold a particular holidays-special item on the menu. Make sure you set the rules of the contest beforehand and convey the same to your employees, and also set up a fair and transparent process to identify the best performers. Your employees will help your business thrive in the holidays – make sure you reward them accordingly!

How have you been using your cafe loyalty software during the holidays to increase revenue and footfalls? Get in touch with us and let us know!

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