Loyera allows you to easily manage multiple stores and outlets with one POS and Loyalty software. Loyera is free to use for the first outlet. Its use can be expanded to multiple outlets by subscribing to paid plans for additional outlets.

Nevertheless, this retail store billing software helps establishing a POS and loyalty ecosystem that is unified and flexible. It lets you achieve the perfect balance between integrating branch data and allowing different branches the flexibility to optimize their operations as per local environments.

Here’s how you can efficiently manage multiple stores with Loyera’s cloud-based services:


Setup multiple branches

With Loyera, you can set up multiple branches for your stores across the globe. The software is free for the first outlet, and it can be easily installed in other branches by subscribing to Loyera’s various software options. Set up of Loyera at a branch is easy and cost-effective.

Loyera is a hardware-independent software, which means that you do not have to install costly desktops, related accessories, etc. to set up your checkout counters. You can install Loyera on any mobile device and start processing sales and loyalty rewards. This software requires very little training of user, as it has an easy-to-use user interface.

Add different currencies for each store

You can easily add different currencies of operation for different store branches located in international locations. Price conversions are done automatically. This helps you run a unified POS and Loyalty program across all your stores.

This also helps you easily add all your products to the system at once and make them available to users using different currencies at different store locations. You do not have to add merchandise details again and again for every branch. Once a product is added to Loyera, it automatically reflects in relevant branches with currency relevant to each branch.

Manage stock for multiple branches

You can add products and their variants to your POS system and then define their available stock for the whole business or for each branch. Similarly, you can also add product prices for the whole business or for individual outlets. Managing inventory becomes systematic with this software.

Loyera offers you a unified product management system, where you can add all available products and their variants for different branches in one go and from one place. This helps save on a lot of merchandising cost for your business. It also helps managers see a larger picture, so that they can plan their inventory better to maximize revenue for all branches.

Collect customer data to use at all branches

You can also collect customer data at each branch and use it across all branches. If a customer purchases with you once, at any branch, that means that the customer will reflect in the data of all the branches when they make purchases.

A customer purchasing with Branch A will automatically reflect in the customer database of Branch B when their orders are processed at the checkout counter. This will help your sales staff process orders efficiently and quickly. You can also make recommendations of products to customers based on their purchase behaviour at any of your other branches.


Compare branch performance

With unified data available to managers and owners, one can analyze the performance of one branch in comparison to another. This helps businesses find strategies that work the best across different branches so that the best practices can be defined for each store.

You can easily compare data on sales, staff performance, etc. of different branches to see which branch has stock that optimal to the needs of its customers and to see where the staff is functioning most efficiently. With this knowledge, the best ways of carrying out operations and sales can be identified to implement across all stores for optimal results.

Create loyalty rewards for different countries

You can create loyalty rewards for your store’s outlets in different countries. You can define the percentage of sales that you wish to reward back to customers for a country. You can also define the reward points that are awarded for each currency unit rewarded to customers.

This will help you create currency-based loyalty programs to deliver apt value to customers at different locations. This also helps in making your loyalty program more meaningful to customers of each branch. You can choose between a Standard or tier-based loyalty program for each country and define the sales & reward variables after learning about the motivations of your customers in that area.

Run loyalty program across branches

With Loyera loyalty management software, you can choose to run your loyalty program across all branches or at individual branches independently. If you choose to have a unified loyalty program for all your branches, then you will be able to allow your customers to use their loyalty reward points at any branch, irrespective of the branch they were earned at.

This will encourage your customers to be connected with your business, no matter which location they are at. Loyalty points earned with your business will encourage your customers to be loyal to you at all the locations where you have outlets. With cross-outlet availability of data, you can also learn about the purchase behaviour of loyal customers, which can be helpful in strategising.

Analyze unified customer data to strategise

Loyera helps collect data about customer’s purchase behaviour in real time. Data collected from all the branches can be accessed by managers in real time, so that apt product and pricing decisions can be taken to maximize revenue and make operations efficient.

This retail store billing software helps owners and managers understand customer behaviour for individual branches and for a business as a whole. Besides understanding customer preferences, managers also learn about the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and operational activities. This information is invaluable in making sound strategies for a business.

Assess performance of each branch

Loyera allows you to access activity logs of each branch from anywhere, anytime. Its cloud-based data collection enables business owners and managers to be able to access all sales and payment logs from any location. The software also works offline and it pushes data to the cloud when the internet connection is reestablished.

All the sales, product and operations data fed into this POS and loyalty software gets pushed to the cloud in real time, so that all the stakeholders can access that data and assess how each branch is performing. This data can be valuable in creating strategies that will help optimize business activities to at each branch.

Monitor cash registers for each branch

You can add cash counters for each branch to Loyera POS. These cash counter are opened at the start of the day by store staff and are closed at the end of the day. Log of each cash counter can be accessed by store and business managers.

Managers and owners looking at the macro picture can analyze cash counter data of each branch to identify the best practices and create policies that are efficient. This also helps in auditing each branch to ensure that cash payments are processed without loopholes. Manager can also keep track of open and close timings of each cash counter at each store.

In this manner, you can use Loyera POS and loyalty management software to easily manage multiple branches and get benefits of cross-branch data availability.

Loyera’s cloud-based data storage helps all the stakeholders of your business to be on the same page, enabling impactful strategy creation and optimization of operations to achieve short and long-term business objectives.

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