The use of geo-fencing and geo-tagging has revolutionaries the way businesses scout for customers. Instead of chasing customers with offers and discounts, now businesses can let customers come to them and then offer appealing rewards. These technologies, combined with an effective customer loyalty program can really help businesses achieve sustainable and scalable growth. However, a powerful and engaging mobile app for shoppers is necessary to make the most of these technologies in Loyalty Management Software. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can use these recent technologies to their potential:

Identifying shoppers in vicinity

With accurate geo-tagging and geo-fencing features, you can identify and pinpoint the exact location of nearby shoppers who are a part of loyalty program. This can help you send out promotions regarding flash sales and time-bound offers, and simultaneously help you manage influence product choice and preferences. Furthermore, if you are in a business with perishable consumer products, focusing on nearby shoppers is the best way to finish your stock before you close your shutters.

Enrolling new loyalty members

In addition engaging high-value loyal customers effectively, geo-tagging can also be used to acquire new customers. In hybrid and coalition loyalty programs, brands and businesses can reach out to potential customers near their location by sharing relevant offers and discounts. For example, businesses can broadcast out an offer to all nearby shoppers on their shared network. This can be easily done by a simple push notification to mobile apps, which all intelligent Loyalty Management Software systems should offer. Thus, you can boost the sign-up rate of your customer rewards program by identifying and wooing potential customers.

Sending innovative rewards

Rewards in the form of flash sales, end-of-day discounts, and happy hours are much more effective when you have focus on customers who are in the vicinity. For starters, they are more likely to respond positively to the offer and since they are already acquainted with your brand, they won’t think twice before buying your products on reduced prices. Once you are able ascertain the best time and type of offer, you can use this strategy regularly and generate benefit for both, your business and your customers. You can also experiment with creative reward strategies and gauge what works best for your business.

Enhancing brand awareness

Last, but not the least, is the enhancement of brand awareness. Hybrid and coalition loyalty programs also display offers and discounts offered by nearby establishments to customers. So, even if a shopper has never heard of your brand, by the virtue of being on the same network, he or she will start noticing the offers you roll out. This is particularly useful for small and medium businesses that are trying to establish a regular clientele in the face of stiff competition from international franchisee chains. It is advisable that for new customers, you continually run an attractive and significant rewards offer that is hard to resist for shoppers.

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