Small business owners and managers who have recently implemented a customer loyalty program need a powerful Loyalty Software system to help them manage customer loyalty and rewards. Here are a few ways to optimise the functioning of customer loyalty solutions, and maximise the ROI on them:

Targeted Offers and Discounts

The importance of using a loyalty management software to personalise customer experience cannot be emphasised enough. Sending the same promotional deals and offers to all your customers can actually prove to be detrimental in today’s day and age, where the shopper is intelligent and has plenty of offers to choose from. Intelligent loyalty program software solutions perform complex analysis on customer data and information to provide you with insightful trends and patterns and help you target different customers according to their location, spending history, or engagement frequency. Studies have proven that customers prefer relevant and customised offers and won’t mind sharing additional information for the same.

Multi-Channel Access

Providing a multi-channel access to your customers to help them keep a track of their activity is a critical element of an efficient Loyalty Software solution. In addition to a simple and easy-to-use web-based platform, a dynamic and responsive mobile app is increasingly becoming indispensable for an enjoyable customer experience. Furthermore, instant updates and notifications regarding awarding of loyalty points, redemption of reward points, and availability for special offers on SMS and email is also important. By providing a multi-channel access to customers using intelligent loyalty management software solutions, like Loyera, the end-goal is to foster a seamless and smooth experience for customers, and thereby, improve engagement rates.

Timely Rewards and Redemption

Your customer loyalty program needs to award customers regularly and timely. Points and offers need to given in an adequate amount and frequency in order to motivate customers and demonstrate the value of tangible rewards on a regular basis. In order to prevent customers from failing to see the benefits of being a part of your rewards program, you can give bonus joining points, special points during the holidays and events, and offer a free gift on birthdays and anniversaries. If you are running a tier-based loyalty program, make sure that reaching the first tier is easily accessible and that regular customers are surprised with rewards every now and then. 

Feedback and Improvement

While the benefits of a Loyalty Software are plenty, they also need to be recorded and measured meticulously in order to incorporate suggestions, feedback, and improvement and keep the program relevant. Monitoring and feedback processes have two aspects; one, analysing metrics and data regarding customers activity, and two, collecting feedback from customers. Findings from both these activities will help you identify gaps in your customer rewards program and help you optimise it. Most importantly, optimising and overhauling the program from time-to-time will prevent the program from getting too mechanical or static, and maintain customer engagement levels.

What are some of the ways in which you optimise your customer loyalty management software? What sort of challenges do you encounter in using your customer Loyalty Software to foster customer loyalty? Get in touch and let us know!

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