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Loyalty software for pharmacies

Pharmacies face competition from big brands and local pharmacies in the neighbourhood. It is essential to formulate a plan to retain customers over time, as people often take regular prescription drugs for various lifestyle diseases.

There is also a high set up cost involved in installing loyalty softwares, which discourages businesses to employ one. Loyalty softwares are, however, important to give businesses a structure to make their loyalty program effective and efficient.

Loyera is a pharmacy loyalty software which is hardware-independent, and hence is easy to install. It can be used even on a mobile phone. Its features allow pharmacies to give rewards to customers on each prescription or their money spent on various products. It even allows businesses to add outlets and staff members to the loyalty program software to get active and effective participation of all employees in the program.

Best ways to keep customers loyal for pharmacies

Pharmacies often employ various methods to retain their customers, expand their basket size and get referrals.

Here are a few ways in which pharmacies are offering loyalty rewards to their customers to get maximum benefits:

  1. Pharmacies can reward points to customers on every prescription
  2. Customers can also be given points on the money spent on pharmacies’ products
  3. Points earned by customers can be used as store credit or collected to reach a threshold to get free health kits, appliances, gym membership, etc.
  4. Family members can be added to the same loyalty membership to get maximum benefits
  5. Remind customers to purchase their regular orders
  6. Give customers incentives to increase their basket size
  7. Stock beauty and personal care products to enable customers to make more purchases at the store
  8. Offer home delivery on regular orders
  9. Give discounts on the MRP

Loyera is a loyalty program solution for pharmacies that allow businesses to:

  1. Automatically add all customers to the loyalty network
  2. Send offers and promotions to customers through push notifications
  3. Give rewards to customers that can be used as store credit
  4. Be discovered locally by potential customers through Loyera App
  5. Add additional outlets and staff members to their Loyera account to streamline the program and make it more effective
  6. Reward customers to refer new users to a pharmacy

Loyera is a wholesome software to manage loyalty programs for pharmacies. It is flexible and intuitive.

Benefits of Loyera for pharmacies and customers

Loyera is designed to benefit both businesses and customers. For any loyalty program to be successful, it has to offer value to all the stakeholders involved.

Loyera is free to set up and use. It can be used by pharmacies to reward points to customers on their purchases and to allow them to redeem them on future purchases. Loyera is cloud-based, and hence can be used from anywhere. It is hardware-independent and can work both online and offline.

All the outlets of a pharmacy can add customers to a common network, making it easy for management to analyze user data and keep track of their sales. This helps manage inventory, employees and sales.

Customers can also install Loyera on their mobile phones to keep a log of the purchases they have made at the pharmacy in the past. They can check the reward points earned by the, and manage their future benefits and rewards.

They can also receive offers and promotion notifications from pharmacies on regular basis. They can also earn rewards by referring the pharmacy to their friends and family. Loyera makes it easy for them to avail maximum benefits from participating in the program.

Free installation and use of Loyera

Pharmacies do not have to go through the hassle and costs of setting up a dedicated computer system and POS system to support their loyalty rewards software. Loyera can be installed on any computer and mobile device, and hence can be used by all employees without any additional hardware costs.

After installation, pharmacies can set up their business profiles with details of all outlets and IDs of all participating employees, so that the program can be implemented across all relevant areas and outlets. This also helps in allowing customers to easily avail all the benefits of the loyalty program across stores.

Loyera reward app is easy to install for both pharmacies and customers, and hence finds easy applicability and use among users. This makes it more effective in keeping customers engaged to get more sales and referrals.

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