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POS software for pharmacies

Pharmacies generally have a number of products in their inventory. They also often have to handle high volume sales on daily basis. This make POS software usage an imperative for their smooth functioning.

Small or big pharmacies function efficiently when they know the stock they have, so that they can easily add or sell products with proper records.

With increasing competition in the market, it is also important for pharmacies to keep their customers engaged and loyal. This can be achieved with data collection on customer behaviour and preferences.

A good POS software for pharmacies can help them achieve efficiency in processing sales and managing inventory. Some POS software for pharmacies like Loyera even help undertake loyalty management activities to retain customers and attract new ones.

A POS software also provides analytical capabilities to pharmacies to understand buying behaviour of customers. This helps businesses reach their optimal sales levels.

Best POS practices for pharmacies

Pharmacies point of sale is an important milestone in the sales process. They can achieve a lot of goals by doing the right things at POS. Point of sale billing software for pharmacies help optimize activities that businesses conduct during customer checkout time.

Here are a few best POS practices that can be undertaken with the help of a POS software for pharmacies:

  1. Collect customer data and register them for loyalty programs
  2. Add products and their stock, besides other attributes, so that one can maintain a record of their inventory and stock all the required products
  3. Reward loyalty points to customers
  4. Receive payments and record payments received
  5. Maintain record of cash balances
  6. Send notifications to customers with details of their purchases
  7. Give physical or e-receipts to customers
  8. Maintain sales log
  9. Give discounts to loyal customers

Loyera POS software helps pharmacies fulfill all the above best practices and also undertake many other activities to achieve the best sales and inventory goals.

Loyera pharmacy POS software has features like:

  1. Automatic addition of customers to database
  2. Addition of unlimited products and their variations to the POS software
  3. Management of inventory
  4. Customer and sales data analysis
  5. Promotion and discount creation for different products, customers, etc.
  6. Loyalty and e-commerce add-ons
  7. Management of all store outlets by a centralized, cloud-based dashboard
  8. Addition of staff and manager IDs to the system
  9. Customizing product categories to easily process sales at point of sale

These features, combined with the ease of installation of Loyera on any mobile or computer device, make Loyera a complete retail solution for pharmacies.

Benefits of Loyera for pharmacies and customers

Loyera features are designed to offer value to both pharmacies and their customers. With Loyera pharmacy POS software, one can easily manage the large amount of stock maintained by a pharmacy.

It eliminates problems of overstocking, clearance of old stock, and backlogs of expired products, as managers and staff can check the details of all products and add various attributes and variations of each product to ensure that they have detailed inventory-related information.

Pharmacies can also easily manage data of all customers—products purchased over time, names, birth dates, purchase frequency, etc. This data can be used to optimize inventory and types of products offered. One can also utilize this data to send appreciation messages to customers and to promote offers and discounts to attract back customers.

Loyera Loyalty add-on can help retain customers by rewarding them points on each purchase made. Loyera e-commerce add-on helps sell online and maintain centralized inventory for online and offline stores.

Loyera app can also be downloaded by pharmacy customers on any mobile device. This app helps them receive discounts and offers available with pharmacies. It can be used to track and use loyalty reward points and access purchase log with a merchant.

How to get started with Loyera

Pharmacy POS or billing software can easily be set up by big or small pharmacies. The software is free to install and use. It can be used by pharmacies with their existing hardware. It can even be installed on mobile phones, enabling all staff members to participate in making sales.

One can easily add various outlets of a pharmacy with the products available at them, and start selling instantly. Data can be easily collected and used to manage inventory, staff and sales.

Pharmacy management software by Loyera can be used to optimize point of sale or till activities to get the best business results over time and to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.

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