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POS software for photographers

Photographers usually process orders and sales through informal means, as their entire focus is on delivering best-quality photography services. Consequently, photographers are not able to manage business to reach their revenue potential. This often culminates into unfulfilled orders, payment delays, loss of leads, and loss of existing customers to competitors.

To create a sales process without loopholes, photographers have to promote themselves, sell efficiently, follow up for payments, and give rewards and value in various forms to engage and retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Loyera POS allows photographers to manage orders, process sales & payment, retain clients and analyze data, so that sound business decisions can be taken and their business can grow.

Loyera POS software for photographers is free to install and use. It can be used on computers and mobile devices, allowing photographers to process sales and send receipt to customers even when they are working remotely.

How to use POS software for photography businesses

Photography businesses use POS software to optimize and automate their sales and business activities, so that they can concentrate on successful delivery of their skill-based services.

Here are a few best practices followed by photographers at point of sale:

  1. Add customers to their loyalty and marketing database
  2. Add leads to their marketing database
  3. Schedule promotions and offers for customers on apt occasions
  4. Print and E-receipts are generated for clients
  5. Various services with prices and variations are added to the POS system
  6. Online portfolios for easy sharing with clients
  7. Auto payment reminders are sent to customers
  8. Receive testimonials and feedback from clients

Loyera POS is a great billing software for photographers, as it empowers them to customize the software as per their services and needs. It helps photography businesses to chart a clear and automated process to reach their business potential.

Here are a few features of Loyera POS that can help undertake the above best practices and more.

  1. Automatically add all leads and customers to the system
  2. Process orders and receive payment in cash or through cards; businesses can even give credit to customers
  3. Add various staff members to the system to track their sales activities
  4. Rewarding customers with loyalty points and referral incentives
  5. Create and schedule promotions and discounts for existing customers
  6. Engage customers by sending various kinds of personal, educational and promotional messages
  7. Add all services with their variations and prices to the POS system to be sold offline and online
  8. Add services with portfolio, so that customers can view all services remotely and order online or offline

Benefits of Loyera for photographers and their clients

Loyera POS is an ideal photography business management software, as it allows owners to streamline sales, marketing and customer loyalty management efforts.

Photographers can set up Loyera POS for all their outlets with staff IDs, services, portfolio and prices.

Wedding photographers, travel photographers, product photographers and photographers offering other services can use Loyera to instantly start selling offline and online.

Order management features can be used to keep track of all the orders received or the ones that are in process and pending. One can even park and retrieve orders that get stuck in negotiation. This saves time and makes order processing efficient.

Feedback and testimonials can be received by photographers from their clients to create a positive online reputation for businesses.

Payment reminders can be sent to clients whose payments are pending. Payment can be received through various modes set by business managers.

Managers can also access sales and customer data to analyze what services are prefered, what are the peak business days in a year, and what kind of rewards bring customers back. This helps in revenue management and optimal pricing of services in different months of a year.

Customers can go through photographers’ services and portfolio online to order their services offline or online. They can install Loyera app on their mobile devices to track their order with Loyera merchants, receive notifications for discounts and offers by photographers, track their payments, etc. They can even rate businesses to help them improve.

How to get started with Loyera for free

Loyera POS software for photographers is hardware-independent, and hence can be installed on any computer or mobile devices. Loyera apps is free to install and use, making it practically free to implement.

Photographers can install the app, set up business outlets, add services with images/portfolio and prices, and create staff IDs to start selling instantly.

Customers who purchase any service are automatically added to the POS database and can be engaged through future promotions and customer retention activities. E-commerce add-on can be activated to start receiving orders online.

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