Encouraging customers to sign up for a loyalty program can sometimes be more painful than you think. Businesses mostly fail to convince their customers to register for their loyalty program because of multiple reasons. Most customers suspect that a loyalty software is only introduced to benefit the business. The prime reason, however, is a failure in promoting the loyalty program.

Let’s find out simple ways of promoting a loyalty program amongst your customers:


Promote It on Your Website

With a large base of customer shifting to online shopping, it has become imperative for businesses to keep the online shoppers informed. Begin by creating a dedicated page for your loyalty program on your website. Mention all the details of your customer loyalty program and how this works. Place a separate section for Frequently Asked Questions that list down the important questions your customer may have in mind. For instance, talk about how your program works and how customers can earn rewards for purchasing goods from your store. Also, list down the many things your customer can do with their reward points. Take account of a sign-up/register form on the loyalty member page through which the customer should easily be able to register for your loyalty program. Other than the sign-up form, you must also include a sign in option for existing customers to track their reward points.

Most importantly, don’t forget to include the terms and conditions examined by a legal body, which is likely to save you from future scrutiny. Rope in all the products through which the customers will NOT receive rewards to avoid dispute in the later stage.

Offer Appropriate Rewards

Your loyalty program must always motivate the customer to increase their average purchase which is only possible if you reward your customer the way they truly want to be rewarded. Very Rarely Loyalty Software Does Take The Patron’s Shopping History into account and reward them accordingly. Most Loyalty solutions function on a generic base and reward customers on a similar pattern. However, you can create a tailored list of rewarding your patrons by simply surveying your store and on your website. Ask your customer how they want to be rewarded and extend promotions accordingly. Giving a personal touch to the shopping experience of your exclusive shoppers can be a great idea. For instance, introducing a separate check-out lane for your loyal customers or upgrading their meal from regular to large are some of the few ideas to promote your loyalty program. Remember, not all the perks for your member should be monetary, benefits that money can’t buy can be quite intriguing.


Stay in Touch with Your Customer

Never lose touch with your customer. With a world full of options to choose from, your presence may weaken amongst many other competitors if you fail to stay in touch with your customer. Ask your customer how they want to be contacted, some customer prefers receiving emails while some chose to receive text messages. Make sure your customer receives notification of all the promotions and new stock updates. Loyera is an intelligent customer loyalty program that helps businesses send push notification on their shopper’s app every time you launch promotion or update new stock.

For customers that are new, send out a nice welcome email to introduce them to your loyalty program and inform them of how they can benefit from your loyalty program.

Knowledge to the Employee

Before bringing a loyalty software into action, acquaint your employees with the features and rules of your program. Your employees must know answers to all the questions that a customer may ask. Your staff members should believe in your loyalty program before your patrons do. Also, set up a feature to your loyalty program that allows you to track the employee involvement in promoting it. For the better promotion of your brand, reward your employees for motivating customers to sign up.


Run Exclusive Promotions

Promoting your loyalty program is not enough, keeping it fresh in the memory of your patrons is also important. Come up with special weekend promotions and deals and offer double the rewards for the purchases your customers make on these special days. For online promotion, run flash sales to engage your customers and to increase your sales substantially.

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