Receipts are a great yet underused marketing tool. Businesses can use customized POS receipts to promote certain types of customer behaviour, products, brand awareness & affiliations, and marketing tools.

Customer receipts are a great marketing collateral that businesses have to dispense. Therefore, it is wise to use them fully to generate maximum possible value for both businesses and customers. They also offer a very cost-effective way of marketing.

Here are a few ways in which you can use paid or free billing software to enrich customized receipts to help you propagate your marketing activities.

Promotion of offers & discounts

Offers and discounts can be promoted on your store receipts issued to customers. You can add offers that encourage your customers to return to your stores to make more purchases at discounted prices or to buy a bigger basket of goods.


Loyalty reward programs and points

You can encourage customers to join your loyalty program by adding motivating messages to your receipts or by offering enough incentives to do so. For registered users, you can even add loyalty reward point balance, which they can redeem while making future purchases.

New products

You can place promotional messages about new products and services on customer receipts. You can even add introductory promotions to those products. This helps in spreading valuable information to customers without spending much on marketing.

Community building

You can promote brand awareness and affiliation among your customers by adding inspirational and valuable messages to customer receipts. This helps build a sense of belonging and affiliation among users and also encourages them to be loyal to your business.

Promote events

You can use customized receipts to add messages about events that you wish to conduct to market your products and business. Events like end-of-season sale, launch of a new product and opening of a new outlets can be announced through receipts.

Referral programs

You can promote your referral programs through receipts. You can add motivational messages and rewards for satisfied customers to promote your products and services among their friends, so that your business can grow over time.

Social media promotion

You can promote your social media pages through your receipts. Encourage users to visit or follow you on social media platforms to get updates on fresh merchandise or discounts. This not only delivers value to customers, but also offers you cost-effective marketing opportunities.

Website or online purchase promotion

You can even add messages to receipts to alter user behaviour. You can motivate users to use your e-commerce websites or online selling platforms to make purchases. This helps you shorten checkout queues and cut selling and manpower cost.

These are a few of the many things that can be marketed through a well-design receipt. You can customize your receipts with the help of a flexible POS software. Loyera is one of the best free billing software which allows businesses to customize various aspects of selling—product categories & names, payment methods, payment receipts, branding, etc

The above mentioned use of resources, especially customer receipts, helps businesses in achieving or propagating marketing objectives like creating brand awareness, maximizing revenue, and building customer loyalty and community in a cost-effective manner.

Therefore, all businesses should opt for POS software solutions that let them take advantage of the power of customization to find opportunities of value creation for themselves and their customers.

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