Restaurant Loyalty Software are often designed to reward customers in a way so that they not only return in the future, but also spend more in the present, and bring in new customers.

Restaurant loyalty is inspired by a lot of things like great food, comfortable ambience, good services, proximity, and speed of service. However, in this competitive world, there are many places that offer all this, so what can restaurants do to set themselves apart?

Besides basic good services, what other things can ensure that customers return to a restaurant over and over again?

Here are a few best practices followed by restaurant managers while using restaurant loyalty management software to grow their business:

1. Find appropriate loyalty rewards for your customers

A good restaurant loyalty software helps managers identify the right kind of rewards for their customers. One has to study sales and loyalty data to understand customer preferences and motivations.

Some restaurants’ target market prefers monetary reward points and discounts, while others prefer preferential treatment and premium services. Restaurants find what their customers value the most by studying their buying habits, using a Loyalty software like Loyera, and then offer customers something of value.


2. Collection of data about guests

Contact and other data about guests can be collected using a loyalty software. This data can be used for promotions, brand recall activities, and delivering value to customers.

Personal data about guests can be used to wish them on birthdays and offering them discounts on special occasions to make encourage them to develop affiliation with your brand.

3. Offer phone and online table reservation

Restaurants can offer online and phone reservation options to their regular customers. This helps loyal customers feel special. Such preferential treatment of loyal customers encourages other guests to enrol in the loyalty program of the restaurant.

4. Create and send offers and discounts

Restaurants can create offers and discounts using their loyalty software. They can promote these offers among registered loyal customers. This encourages guests to return to the restaurant.

Loyalty management software often allow restaurants to send notifications, SMSs and emails to registered customers regarding offers and discounts.

5. Up-sell to loyal customers by giving packages

Loyal customers can be given packages on occasions where they can order one plus one drinks or food items or get more guests for a buffet meal at discounted prices. This helps up-sell to loyal customers.

These packages can be offered to new customers as well, but they are likely to get better response from loyal customers, as loyal customers spend 67% more than new customers.

6. Encourage satisfied customers to give feedback and reviews online

Loyal customers are often satisfied with the food and services at a restaurant, and they are more likely to leave positive feedback and review about a restaurant of their choice on social media, business review websites, etc.

Through restaurant loyalty software, one can encourage or reward customers to leave feedback for restaurants on review websites.

This also gives a chance to restaurant managers to learn about their highlights and drawbacks. This information can be used by restaurant to improve their offerings.

7. Invite referrals

Restaurant managers can reward their loyal customers to get referrals to their restaurants. As word-of-mouth is the most reliable source of discovering good restaurants, restaurant managers must recognize satisfied and loyal customers and reward them to spread word about their restaurants among their social circles.


8. Manage table inventory to optimize revenue

Restaurant Loyalty software can be used to manage the resources one has at hand. Managers can use available resources optimally by formulating prices on the basis of sales data gathered from the purchases made by loyal customers.

9. Rewards valid across all outlets

Loyalty software can be easily used to manage loyalty of customers to a brand. Rewards earned at one restaurant are often allowed to be redeemed at all the outlets or branches of a restaurant, giving customers wider options. Some restaurants even partner with other restaurants for their loyalty program, allowing customers to have options and yet stay loyal to the affiliated restaurants’ group. This enables customers to stay connected to a brand wherever they go.

In this manner, restaurant loyalty software solutions can be used to increase revenue and customer lifetime value by retaining patrons over time, growing loyal customers’ basket size, and getting referrals from existing customers.

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