Restaurant Loyalty Software

Perks of Loyalty Programs for Restaurants

While you can deploy a variety of tools and strategies to attract new customers to your restaurant, unless you offer them a unique experience, retaining them will be extremely difficult. That’s where a dedicated restaurant rewards program comes in, and helps you convert new and infrequent visitors to your restaurant into regular ones. It also helps new restaurants to rapidly grow their customer base and take on bigger and more established players in the market.

Customer Loyalty Programs for Restaurants help you promote special deals and offers, and thereby, cultivate a loyal and profound relationship with your customers and help you express just how much you care about them. Research and studies have proven that customer loyalty programs, if executed efficiently, can increase engagement and improve brand recall value, regardless of the size of the reward on offer.

Increasing Customer Retention with Web-Based Loyalty Solutions

There is a cut-throat competition in the food and beverages industry. While new establishments come up and shut down at an alarming rate in the culinary world, the one thing that can guarantee success is a group of patrons who visit the restaurant regularly. If you are designing a customer loyalty program for your restaurant as well, you can use a few, or all, of the following approaches:

  1. Reward points every time a customer visits your restaurant.
  2. Offer free appetizer/drinks/dessert for every nth visit.
  3. Set up special discounts for members during ‘Happy Hour’.
  4. Devise unique offers for holidays like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s

Here’s how Loyera, an intuitive customer loyalty software for restaurants, can help you execute your customer loyalty program hassle-free:

  1. Send customers automated birthday and anniversary greetings alongside a special discount valid just for the day.
  2. Help you promote limited-period sales, offers, and discounts.
  3. Divide customers into groups based on average bill size and the frequency of visit to help you create relevant and personalized offers.
  4. Identify and predict lean and heavy sales period to help you design appropriate business strategies.
  5. Send personalized ‘thank-you’ notes with a customized message every time a patron returns.

With Loyera you have the option of offering membership discounts, referral discounts, limited-period discounts and so much more! Rewarding your customers with points and rewards every time they choose your restaurant will inculcate a sense of value and belongingness, thereby helping lay the foundations for building a community around your business.


The Many Advantages of Loyera

Loyera offers an intelligent and cloud-based Loyalty Solution for Restaurants. By helping you manage rewards and customer loyalty, Loyera increases the frequency of your returning customers and also helps you attract new ones.  The combination of innovative technology and intelligent analytics can provide your restaurant with an edge like no other. Loyera offers dedicated and intelligent mobile applications for Business Merchants like yourself and Members (your customers) to ensure a hassle-free loyalty experience. You can manage your entire loyalty software from a single platform and access real-time data remotely with the Loyera Business App. The app comes with several practical and handy features that make loyalty management convenient and effortless.

Loyera helps you understand your customers better so that you can design programs and offers according to customer preferences. Insights on customer behavior, sales, returning customers, and products allow you to take strategically sound business decisions. This paves way for a sustainable and healthy pace of growth and also ensures that your patrons keep coming back for more. Here’s a piece of information that will definitely make Loyera irresistible: it is absolutely free of cost for small restaurants and cafes! Also on offer are multi-location loyalty systems and white label services.

Getting Started With Loyera

If you want to leverage the power of Loyera and foster a group of recurring and loyal customers for your restaurant, register with Loyera right away! Unlike many other loyalty solutions in the market, getting started with Loyera is exceptionally easy. All you have to do is register yourself with the Loyera Business App, select an appropriate plan, and set up your loyalty settings. That’s it! You can start giving away rewards and discounts as soon as you get the first customer to join the network through the Loyera Member App. You can also spread the word to existing customers using social media platforms. Get started with Loyera today and start writing the next chapter of your growth story!

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