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POS software for restaurants

Restaurants have a lot of activities going on in the kitchen, in service and other areas. Amidst all the hustle-bustle, it’s essential to have a restaurant management software that simplifies order processing.

To streamline things, a POS software ought to be installed to take orders, process them, and collect data for business analysis. However, installing POS software involves high hardware and software costs.

POS software for restaurants like Loyera are easy to use and install. Loyera POS can be installed and used for free. It can even be integrated with Loyera Loyalty and E-commerce to create a comprehensive retail solution.

POS software help process sales in an orderly manner, making it easy to fulfill orders efficiently. POS software also often provide data to make sound business decisions for restaurants.

Best POS practices for restaurants

Restaurants often subscribe to sophisticated billing software, which allows them to undertake various sales and analysis related activities.

Here are the best point of sale practices followed by restaurants:

  1. Order placement at the counter, at tables or online
  2. Add customers to their database or loyalty network
  3. Place orders and forward them in the delivery chain to be taken care of by other staff members in the kitchen or service
  4. Give reward points to customers on their bill through Loyalty add-ons
  5. Enable customers to avail valid discounts and offers
  6. Add various menu items with variations, prices and other descriptions into POS

Loyera restaurant POS software has various features that can help restaurant owners undertake their sales efficiently.

  1. Automatic addition of customers to database when a bill is paid
  2. Creation of offers and promotions specific to products, time, etc.
  3. Rewarding loyalty points on bill payments with the help of Loyera Loyalty add-on
  4. Taking orders online with the help of Loyera E-commerce add-on
  5. Staff and managers’ performance tracking
  6. Data on sales as per outlets, products, and time
  7. Menu creation with different products, prices and product variations
  8. Getting feedback from customers

These and various other features of Loyera equip restaurants to take orders and process them in a way that increases the value created for customers and restaurants.

It enables engagement of staff and customers in a way so that maximum benefits are reaped.


Benefits of Loyera POS for restaurants and customers

Loyera billing software for restaurants benefits both restaurants and its customers.

Restaurants can install and use Loyera POS software without incurring any cost. They can instantly add products and make sales. The data collected during sales can be useful for restaurants.

The database created helps restaurants analyze what’s working for their business and what’s not. With the information collected and organized with Loyera POS, restaurants can see when they have rush hours, what items sell more, and which offers attract more customers. This information can be very helpful in deciding staff rosters, managing inventory and planning offers.

Restaurants can use Loyera Loyalty and E-commerce add-ons to retain customers and receive orders online. Various Loyalty tiers can be created to attract different types of customers. Customers can also be encouraged or incentivized to refer the restaurant to other customers.

Restaurants can create offers and send them to customers using the collected contact information. This helps retain old customers and to attract new customers to the restaurant.

Customers can also download Loyera app to track their orders placed with a restaurant. They can see the menu of a restaurant online. With the app, they can also receive loyalty rewards from restaurants and track their log of orders placed in the past.

Customers can share their experience at a restaurant on social media and with the restaurant to appreciate them or to help them improve. This helps restaurants to not only deliver better value, but to also attract new customers.

How to get started with Loyera

Restaurants can download Loyera POS app for mobile phones or use its web app to create a business profile. Various outlets of the restaurants can be added to the same account. Staff members and managers can also be added to an account.

Installing and using Loyera is free. After installation and business profile creation, restaurants can add unlimited items to the menu with prices, taxes, and other charges. Post set up, one can instantly start using Loyera to process orders and add customers to the database.

Loyera is a one-stop shop for restaurants looking for a retail or sales solution. It’s a sophisticated software which helps businesses optimize their returns and growth.

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