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Loyalty software for retail stores

Retail stores have a lot of challenges related to inventory, employees, customer grievances, etc. and, at times, lack of loyalty of customers adds to the issues, as it means spending a lot of money annually to attract new customers to sustain sales.

There are high installation costs involved in setting up POS and loyalty programs, which often act as barriers for small businesses. Loyera is a hardware-independent loyalty software for Retail stores. It can be installed and used instantly even on a mobile phone.

It can be integrate with your current POS software or can be used independently. Nevertheless, it doesn’t require investment in a dedicated computer, UPS, keyboard, mouse, internet connection, etc.

It basically entails zero installation cost for retailers. A loyalty program with a good software can help retailers sustain and grow their business by retaining old and attracting new customers.

How to get repeat customers to retail stores

Retail stores can easily identify or ask about the factors which their customers find valuable. It can be a mix of things like good service, opening timing, checkout speed, quality of products, and prices, which may keep customers loyal.

Know what your customers want, and give them that in a way that your business also gets benefited.

Here are a few ways in which retail stores retain their old customers, increase their basket size and attract new customers:

  1. Tier-based loyalty programs to give more benefits to more valued customers, to keep them completely loyal
  2. Reward points on every sale made
  3. Partner store loyalty programs are followed to allow customers to reap benefits across various stores, and to enable stores to get referral business from partner stores
  4. Priority checkouts for loyal customers
  5. Access to exclusive sale period, discounts and events
  6. Free shipping
  7. Free alterations
  8. Cash backs
  9. Flexible return policy

There are many other ways besides this to keep customers loyal, which can be used with a good loyalty solution for retail stores to get the best results.

Loyera is a top rewards software for retail stores. It enables retailers to implement the above loyalty program features and more.

Here are a few ways it makes loyalty enlisting easy for businesses:

  1. Give bonus to satisfied customers to get referrals on board
  2. Receive orders online through e-commerce add-on
  3. Add different branches of the store to the program to enable customers to get benefits across stores
  4. No-cost installation of loyalty program for retail stores to ensure that all employees and branches participate in enlisting customers to the loyalty network
  5. Add loose change due to customers to their loyalty accounts, to do away with the hassle of carrying much change in the cash register and to allow customers to amass change in their Loyera account to a substantial amount to use on a future purchase

There are many such features of Loyera that can help retailers grow.

Loyalty rewards solution for retail stores and shoppers

Loyera’s loyalty program for retail stores is designed to deliver value to both customers and businesses.

Business can set up the software without incurring any cost, they can enrol customers, track their purchases, promote custom offers and discounts, add store branches, analyze data for better results and set up a winning reward system.

Shoppers can also benefit by being able to order products online through Loyera Shopper App. They can track their rewards earned and what they have purchased from the store over time to manage their future purchases. Customers can even benefit from this reward solutions for retail stores by being able to give feedback to the retailer and add referrals if they wish to share their good experience with friends and family.

Free Installation and Use of Loyera

Loyera can be installed without any installation cost on computers, internet connection, etc. You can simply download the loyalty app for retail stores on your device, including a mobile phone, and set up your business profile. This gives you instant access to the wide suite of loyera loyalty features that allow you to increase sales, grow customer basket size and get new and referral customers.

Shoppers can also install the loyalty reward app for retail store shoppers to track their purchase history, receive offers and privileged services, make orders online and more.

It’s a loyalty solution that makes retail business robust and valuable for both customers and businesses.

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