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POS software for retail stores

Retail stores in every industry face a lot of competition. They usually handle a lot of customers on daily basis and have a lot of products in inventory.

This calls for the use of a good retail store management software that allows easy management of inventory and processing of sales at the point of sale.

A billing software for retail stores like Loyera POS enables businesses to efficiently record every product available at the store with their stock. It makes it possible for stores to gather relevant sales data and analyze it to take sound business decisions.

Best POS Practices for retail stores

Retail stores use POS to undertake various activities that help them realize their business potential.

Here are a few Point of sale practices which are adopted by retail stores to optimize their sales:

  1. Collection of sales data can be done using a POS software. This data helps understand what customers like to purchase, so that future inventory can be managed well.
  2. Addition of products to the system is made possible by efficient POS software solutions. This allows retail stores to expand their inventory and still record every sale made to run a business efficiently.
  3. POS software allows retail stores to reward loyalty points to customers on every purchase shoppers make. With a loyalty system, retail stores can also ask customers to refer new customers to them in return for some incentive.
  4. Analytics of data offered by POS software solutions help retail stores learn which product or department functions well. Analytics also help understand if the staff at the store is optimally engaged in making sales.
  5. Staff management is another feature offered by retail POS systems.

Loyera retail store billing software has various features that help retail stores attain their business potential. Here are the feature of Loyera that help implement the above best POS practices:


  1. Automatic addition of customers to the database
  2. Addition of unlimited product and their variations to the system
  3. Addition of categories, sub-categories, tags and other attributes to ensure that sales processing at POS is easy and intuitive.
  4. Creation of promotions and offers for customers, and marketing those promotions to all registered customers
  5. Addition of all outlets of a retail store to the system
  6. Add-ons for Loyalty management and e-commerce

Benefits of Loyera for retail stores and customers

Loyera POS features can be used by retail stores to efficiently process various tasks and achieve desired results.

Loyera Retail Store POS software can be used to manage products and their stock, so that every sale can be properly recorded in the system. All the products sold by a retail store and its branches can be added to the system with their prices, variations, tax applicable, etc. Loyera also helps in adding every customer to the sales database, so that the data can be used later to assess customer preferences and to send them marketing messages.

Customer preferences can be understood through data analysis to be able to offer them customized offers, so that they keep returning to the store. Loyera can also be used to announce discounts and offers to all the customers.

Loyera Loyalty add-on helps reward and retain customers. Loyera E-commerce add-on can be used by retail stores to sell products online, as well.

Retail store customers can also download Loyera app to receive e-receipts of the purchases they make. They can access their purchase log with a store to track what they have bought over time. They can even receive discount and offer notifications through the app. Loyera app also helps customers keep track of their earned reward points which can be redeemed on their future purchases.

How to get started with Loyera

It is very easy to set up Loyera POS at any small or big retail store. One can install Loyera billing software for retail stores on desktops and mobile devices. After installation, a business profile can be set up for all the outlets of a store and product data can be added to immediately start processing sales.

Loyera POS for retail stores has an intuitive design, and hence it allows quick addition of products and categories by merchandisers from back-end and even by staff members at point of sale.

Register open & close feature enables staff members to keep a track of cash in the registers at the store. Analytics automatically start loading when sales are made.

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