Salon Loyalty Software

How to grow your salon business?

Customers are the heart of any business. A loyalty Software for Hair & Nail Salon is a great way to show your appreciation and keep your clients happy. Do you know, it is six times more expensive to win a new client rather retain an existing one? Customer loyalty program helps you focus on marketing strategies on customer retention that can give your salon a quantum leap. Since, customer retention always plays an essential role in growing your business, while client acquisition also takes equal precedence.

With loyalty software, you can grant an easy, effective way to grow a strong base of repeat clients through customer’s engagement, customer’s referrals, and customer’s security. You will have an opportunity to follow up with them after service to ensure satisfaction and engage them further through newsletters.

What can you offer to your customers?

By creating a feasible loyalty program software for your customers who are satisfied with your services and are ready to forgive minor slipups, you’ll be able to target each category of customers. Here are some killer ideas that might engage your customers more, while at the same time, you can make them feel appreciated.

  1. VIP treatment, specifically to those who have acted as your brand’s ambassadors by way of referrals. You can offer special rewards and bonuses for the most frequent customers.
  2. A reward program for your loyal customers through a points system. You can also assign points based on your clients’ behavior.
  3. Grant reward points to your clients based on social media promotions or gives them access to exclusive discounts.

From customer reward points to discounts on services, there are numerous things which you can offer to your customers. Similarly, growing your business while investing profitable time to set customer loyalty program strategically.


How will you and your customers benefit from Loyera?

The loyalty of your customers is vital to retaining your clients and obtaining new ones as well. Loyera helps you creating a mutually-beneficial loyalty program software that not only rewards your clients but also improves your key performance indicators (KPIs), or “growth indicators,” to be more precise.

  1. Implementing loyalty promotions in your business will help you get benefits like –
  2. You can acquire customer contact details
  3. Increase frequency of visit of your customers
  4. Helps in raising the average ticket price
  5. Helps in increasing retail sales
  6. Lend a hand to increase repeat client retention
  7. Keep your salon on the consideration of your clients
  8. Get your customers to book more visits
  9. Improves clients’ referrals
  10. Helps in creating a customer base

What your customers are getting from this loyalty program software? Here are the benefits for customers –

  1. Attractive discounts on the first visit
  2. Tailor loyalty scheme rewards to suit individual clients
  3. Points for booking in advance
  4. Exclusive offers for the existing clients
  5. Make them updated with free, automated upgrades
  6. Membership benefits
  7. Package benefits

With our loyalty program software, you can save time and find the best solution to foster your salon business.


How do you get started with Loyera?

Our Customer Loyalty Programs for Nail & Hair Salon are a great way to hold on to your customers. It will go a long way while ensuring your clients not only hold on to you but also act as brand ambassadors for your salon. When setting it up, remember to keep it simple as it needs to be transparent for your customers to understand.

With Loyera – you can identify your regular and sporadic customers who visit your salon once in a while or for special occasions. It will be likely to be an added value to your salon business as it is the key to holding on to your customers while investing enough time and money into this loyalty program software.

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