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POS software for salons

Salons thrive on good service delivery to customers. They generally engage sophisticate POS software that can help them streamline sales and help improve checkout experience for their customers.

There are big and small salons in the market facing fierce competition. The only thing that can distinguish one salon from another besides its services is the way they engage customers, before, during and after a sale is made. For this they require an efficient solon management software.

Salon POS software by Loyera is free to install and use, and yet it enables salons—big or small—to streamline sales, loyalty rewards, inventory management, online appointment booking, and feedback collection.

Loyera POS comes with two add-ons—Loyalty and E-commerce—which make it a complete retail solution for salon.

Best POS Practices for salons

Best POS practices for service providers like salons need to have certain features that enable them to enhance customer engagement.

Here are a few best POS practices for salons:

  1. Take advanced appointments both online and offline
  2. Send reminders to customers about their appointments
  3. Add customers to database
  4. Get customer feedback
  5. Give various payment options to customers
  6. Add various services to the list
  7. Add different prices with taxes and other charges for all services
  8. Send thank you messages to customers after service delivery
  9. Send offers to customers from time to time

Most of the above activities are followed by successful salons who want to deliver the best overall experience to customers.

Loyera salon POS software has various features that help salons reach their potential. It enables salons to undertake all the above activities and more.

  1. Add customers to the database to communicate various sales or promotion-related messages
  2. Create offers and discounts from time to time, and send them to customers
  3. Process sales and allow customers to pay through cards, cash, mobile wallets, and credit
  4. Use data on sales and customer behaviour to offer popular services and optimize discounts
  5. Add various outlets of the salons to the same account to get comprehensive reports for managers
  6. Use cloud-based POS system to access data remotely
  7. Add Loyera Loyalty feature to give reward points to loyal customers
  8. Add loyera e-commerce feature to take bookings online
  9. Add customized services with personalized attributes like time slots, prices, etc. to take bookings

These and many other features of Loyera POS software for salons enable businesses to offer the best services and satisfy customers.


Benefits of Loyera for salons and customers

Loyera salon billing software benefits both salons and customers. Salons get customer information, which helps them connect with customers to fulfill sales, to promote services and to get referrals.

They can add all services to Loyera POS with slots available for each service, which allows optimal utilization of all the resources at the salon.

Salons can also create offers on services as per season, days, prices, customer preferences, etc. and send those offers to customers through mobile notifications, SMSs, emails, etc.

Owners can access sales data for any time period through cloud-based remote access. All the data is updated in real time, and hence sound business decisions can be made.
Salons can send pre, during and post-sale messages to clients to make them feel connected and special. This is also a powerful tool to create brand recall and attract customers back. Patrons of a salon can also be motivated through rewards to refer more customers.

Loyera app also puts salons on the local map, hence they become discoverable to new local customers.

Feedback can be received by salons from customers. This helps salons build their online reputation and attract more customers through it.

Customers can download Loyera app to access their payment log or service purchase history with a salon. They can discover all the services offered by a salon through the app. They can also receive various offers and discounts promoted by salons. Loyera app helps customers to get maximum benefits from the services they purchase with salons.


How to get started with Loyera

Loyera POS or billing software for salons can be downloaded, installed and used for free. All you need to start with is a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. This hardware independence makes Loyera one of the most accessible POS software for salons.

After the app has been installed, one can create a business account in which unlimited products/services, staff IDs, outlets of salon and promotions can be added.

Loyera Loyalty and E-commerce add-ons can be integrated with the POS software to avail a 360-degree retail management solution.

Its cloud-based configuration helps real-time updation of data for all users. This helps staff, customers and owners to stay on the same page.

This comprehensive solution helps improve business and helps it reach its potential by engaging more and more customers with efficiency.

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