If you have a retail outlet and are looking to install a POS software that is not expensive and, at the same time, offers features that lets you process sales efficiently, then Loyera POS is a great solution for you.

Loyera POS is a free POS software for small businesses and is easy to set up and use.

You can install and set up Loyera POS for use in these few easy steps:

Do Offer Effortless Sign-Up

Loyalty programs that require extensive details of the customer normally end up frustrating them. Patrons will only be willing to sign up for your loyalty program if you don’t ask them too many questions.

Besides offering easy sign up procedure, make sure you offer your customers multiple platforms to sign up from. Registration should be available on your website, on your store front and on your app.

Stringent sign up policies will hardly attract patrons and limit the popularity of your loyalty program.

Sign up methods - Email, FB, G+

After installation, you can sign up with Loyera POS using your email ID or social login with Facebook or Google. This helps you in accessing your Loyera account easily.

Social sign up and sign in options help you and your staff members waste no time while opening registers in the morning. Staff members can sign out and in to log their work hours correctly.

Choose your plan

After sign in, choose the Loyera services that you wish to use. Loyera offers POS, Loyalty and E-commerce solutions. To install POS, choose POS and add on Loyalty and E-commerce, as you find suitable.

You can start with a Free plan to use Loyera POS with one outlet, and then choose to upgrade to a paid plan when you add more outlets to your business.

Add business details

After choosing the right plan for you, you can add your business details to your Loyera account. This includes basic information about company name, address, etc.

It is quite simple to create your business profile with Loyera. You can also edit it easily to keep your business information up to date.

Set up one or more branches

You can set up branches or outlets for your business in your Loyera POS account. With the Free plan, you can add only one outlet. For more outlets to be added, you can upgrade to a paid plan.  

Loyera POS is easily scalable. As you pay a very small amount per outlet to subscribe to Loyera, therefore it is easy and feasible for businesses to scale up and grow while continuing their subscription with Loyera.

Set up currency

It is essential to set a currency in Loyera POS software. You can define the currency suitable for transactions at each outlet. This helps you make your POS software relevant for each outlet.

Setting up currencies for different outlets allows you to use Loyera POS software across all your business outlets across the globe. Loyera also helps consolidate sales data from all the branches at one place.

Add one or more products

One last thing that you must do to start selling through Loyera POS is to add at least one product to the system. As soon as you have that one product with its price, quantity, tags, details, images, and other details in the system, you can start selling.

When a lot of products are added to the system, you can add product categories, tags, attributes, etc. to easily find products at POS.

Start selling

The above steps enable you to start selling through Loyera POS software across all your business outlets. Setting up Loyera POS is not only cost-effective, as it is hardware-independent, free for small business, and cloud-based, but it also has sophisticated features.

Selling with Loyera POS enables managers and owners to access sales data on real time basis, enabling them to take sound business decisions.

New or old retail businesses can install Loyera POS for free and then scale up to grow systematically. It is a free POS software and can be installed on any mobile device for cost-effective usage.

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