Businesses, small or large, prefer getting value for money and time. Therefore, whether a software is paid or free matters less and the value it generates for the business matters more.

It’s all about the returns you get after investing your money or effort in implementation and usage of a POS or billing software.

A free billing software is, at times, risky to use, if it requires a lot of training, expansion cost, and installation cost & effort.

However, if you choose wisely, you can find a free point of sale software that is worth your time and effort. Free software like Loyera are customizable, scalable, hardware-independent and cloud-based, enabling efficiency.

Here are a few situations when it is justified to use a Free Billing Software for your business.


Testing the waters

If you are just starting out to use a billing software and do not know what to expect, then you can start with a free billing software. Just do some background research to ensure that your chosen free software is capable of customization, business & operations scaling, and performing other essential POS activities.

If you are familiar with how POS and billing software work, then it is advisable to not bother much about the cost of subscribing to a POS software and focus on the returns a POS software is capable of generating for your company.

Free Billing Software that can be scaled

It is important to ensure that the free POS software you choose will enable you to increase your product range, business activities, staff members, business locations, etc. without any limit. For example, Loyera allows businesses to add unlimited products, product categories, stock, store branches, and staff IDs to the POS system.

If your chosen software restricts your usage due to its inherent features, limited server capability, and high cost, then it can be detrimental to the growth of your business. It is wise to stay away from a restrictive free billing software.


Value for money and time

Even if your chosen POS system is free, it should offer you value for money and time spent to implement and use it. Value generated by a billing software can be measured by assessing acceleration in increase of revenue, improved efficiency in sales and operations, rate of optimization of inventory management, and improved revenue management.

If your free POS software is costing a lot in terms of hardware required to run it, staff training, reduced or no improvement in efficiency, and software replacement in case of non-scalability, then it is recommended to not purchase that free software.

Essential POS features

You can choose to go for a free software as long as it offers all the essential features that a POS software should offer in today’s tech-advanced world. The essential features you should be looking for include customer data creation, data analysis, revenue management, inventory management, order management, and compatibility with different payment modes.

If you find these features missing in your chosen free software, then you can do more research on available POS systems. There are free billing software like Loyera, which offer all essential functionalities with room for customization and scalability.

Once you are satisfied with your chosen free POS software in terms of the above points, then choosing a free billing software can be very cost-effective.

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