There are many paid and free POS software available in the market that help you streamline your point of sale activities besides helping you streamline your operations and supply chain.

POS software solutions automate the flow of information related to sales, products, and performance in an organization, and therefore allow every department to function with complete knowledge of the business’ capabilities and customers’ preferences.

Streamlining supply chain with the help of a POS software can simplify your business operations to a large extent, as it enables you to connect your supply chain starting from the orders placed by your customers to the payments received from your customers upon delivery.

Here are a few ways in which free POS software like Loyera help you streamline your supply chain:

Connect POS to stock & inventory

POS software solutions allow you to add all your stock to the system, so that at all times you are aware of the available products you can offer to fulfil the orders placed by your customers.

Analytics about products

This helps you understand which products are preferred by your customers at what time of the day, month or year, so that you can carry out merchandinzing activities to maximize revenue by stocking your stores well.

Connecting vendors to POS

Some POS systems like Loyera also allow you to add details of vendors of each product, so that merchandizers can immediately re-order or return items when required. This creates a channels of clear communication between point of sale staff and merchandizers.

Connecting sales & delivery staff to POS

Some POS software allow addition of staff IDs to the system, and hence management can track the performance of each sales staff person. Delivery staff can get real-time updates of orders placed, so that orders can be delivered timely.

Connecting operations to POS

In a lot of industries like restaurant and hospitality, POS software are connected to operations software, so that orders placed can be quickly fulfilled by the kitchen or other product/service supplying departments.

Connecting Finance and Accounts to POS

Finance and accounts software are also often connected to POS to streamline revenue management, accountancy and audits. This saves the time of entering revenue and other finance data in Finance and accounts software.

POS software offer invaluable data on the prices at which customers prefer to buy their products. This enables revenue managers to price their stock optimally.

Such integration of POS software with various departments and divisions of a company can lead to smooth and efficient functioning of a business.

It saves a lot of time in transferring knowledge from one department to another, as all the departments have access to the same information in real time. Automation of knowledge transfer also allows businesses to scale up easily, as it eliminated the need to engage and train expensive human resources.

Once supply chain is streamlined, managements of businesses can focus on marketing activities to grow the revenue of their businesses. This is highly important for a business to sustain and grow over time.

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