Cafes and restaurants rely heavily on their goodwill among customers to sustain and grow their businesses. A good POS software can help build a good rapport with your restaurant and cafe patrons.

Businesses need to think about the factors that contribute to building of goodwill among customers. One way is to use restaurants billing software solutions that help you cater to patrons in an efficient manner and help you keep your customers informed and engaged.

This helps customers have faith in the consistency and success of your services every time they visit you.

Here’s how restaurant and cafe POS software can help you sow a seed of goodwill among your patrons:

Fast checkout

A good POS system will enable your sales staff to carry out fast checkouts. This helps keeps customers satisfied and reduces the number of abandoned carts. Studies show that customers are satisfied with checkout time of up to 4 minutes. Therefore, you can use a POS software that helps you achieve that.

POS software like Loyera are efficient and let you organize your products under categories and sub-categories that make it easy for sales staff to find ordered items, shortening checkout time. You can also bookmark favourite orders and items to make order processing faster.


Correct order delivery

Efficient POS or billing software enable you to carry out correct order delivery, every time. This ensures that customers receive the right things even during rush hours. It keeps customers happy and makes your staff efficient while handling order at the checkout counter or at the restaurant floor.

Some POS software can be installed on mobile tablets that can be placed at restaurant tables or at kiosks, for self-ordering. This makes order placing and payment faster, allowing you to successfully serve more patrons at any given point, without increasing your staff cost.

Efficient product recommendation

AI-powered POS software like Loyera help suggest products for individual customers. This enables patrons to make better purchase choices. This also helps you by increasing purchase basket size of your customers. Your sales staff can rely on the AI analytics of your restaurant billing software to suggest other items to patrons.

Guests appreciate when their old orders are remembered by sales staff and suggested during future purchases. POS software recommendations equip you sales staff with knowledge that helps satisfy your customers and increase revenue for the business.

Take feedback

A good POS software enables you to collect payments from your customers through different payment modes. This helps you offer all easy payment options to your customers, so that they can complete their orders as they prefer. POS software like Loyera allow you to collect payments through credit/debit cards, cash, mobile wallets, etc.

Loyera POS payment options are reliable and safe and, hence, they assure your customers about a safe payment. You can use these payment options to get orders both online and offline, with Loyera. This helps you expand your reach to audience that prefers placing orders online.

Online order options

Loyera restaurant billing software has an e-commerce add-on, which allows your to set up an online order platform for your cafe and restaurant. You can use this with home delivery or at-store pick-up service. Many businesses like Starbucks allow users to order online to shorten checkout queues.

Online ordering also enables your customers to select their order as per their convenience. It saves them time by helping avoid standing in checkout queues, as customers place orders and pay for them online. The only thing left to do offline is to collect or deliver orders. This saves businesses a lot of operational cost, too.


Meaningful transactional messages

In this age of constant connectivity, it’s important to send meaningful transactional messages to customers to confirm successful completion of orders. This helps customers know the status of their orders and it also builds trust among your patrons about your business’ efficiency.

A POS software like Loyera can help you use customer data to send transactional messages on completion of every order or activity. You can also send some extra item recommendations to your cafe and restaurant patrons with transactional information.

Valuable marketing messages

With advanced POS systems like Loyera, you can also issue relevant marketing messages to your patrons. As your POS software helps you collect customer contact information, you can use that data to communicate valuable marketing messages and offers to your customers, as per their preference.

Customers like to receive information about discounts, offers and special events, which delivers value to them. In this manner, you can also easily bring patrons back to your cafe and restaurant and keep them engaged with your business. Ensure that this tools is not used excessively to lose its meaning.


Informative receipts

With the helps of a good POS software, you can issue well-written receipts to your customer. You can not only give information about the transactions made, but can also inform patrons about their loyalty reward balance, so that they can get maximum value out of their visits to your stores.

You can also add messages about valuable marketing campaigns on your receipts. This will help you apprise your customers about the latest offers available at your stores. Customers appreciate when you systematically inform them about the ways they can save or earn points with you while purchasing.

Loyalty programs

Your cafe POS software helps you reward your loyal and regular patrons. Customers who visit you regularly appreciate it when they are given value additions in different forms. You can reward points on every purchase made by customers. They can redeem those points while making purchases with you in future.

POS software like Loyera have Loyalty software add-on, which help you systemize your loyalty program. It lets you and your customers keep a real-time track of the status of one’s loyalty earnings. This helps build a good rapport with your customers.


Feedback sharing

A good POS system enables your users to share their feedback with you, so that you can work on optimizing your offering and services to match their expectations. This helps in creating an environment of positive communication between your business and customers.

You can also allow your restaurant and cafe patrons to share their positive experience on social media with their contacts, so that you get a good chance to spread a positive about you to a larger audience through satisfied customers.

You can use an efficiency restaurant billing software like Loyera with its Loyalty and e-commerce add-ons to make your order placement, delivery and processing smooth. This will also enable you to minimize your operational cost and develop a good rapport with you customers.

Good and efficient services help build goodwill among patrons, and that goes a long way in retaining existing customers and attracting new customers to cafes and restaurants.

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