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POS software for spas

Spas achieve their business goals by delivering good spa services, Customer relationship management, revenue management, customer retention, and marketing.

There are ayurvedic spas, bootcamp spas, day spas, dental spas, destination spas, health & medical spas, and hammam spas, the list is endless. Businesses in this industry must streamline sales and operational aspects of their business to ensure sustainability and growth for their business in the longer run. For this, spas require sophisticated POS software which are flexible and comprehensive. However, such POS software are often expensive for small and mid-sized spas.

Loyera POS software has sophisticated features that can be customized and scaled as per the size of a business. It is FREE to install and use. It can be used on any computer or mobile device. This POS software for spa allows management of sales, customer relationship & loyalty, inventory, etc. with ease and efficiency.

Best POS practices for spas

Wellness, health, ayurveda, Thai, and other spas can use Loyera POS to simplify and streamline their sales and operations to reach business potential.

Here’re a few best POS practices followed by spas to sell efficiently and streamline operations:

  1. Engage customers by sending them educational and promotional content
  2. Offer discounts and rewards to loyal customers to bring them back
  3. Encourage satisfied customers to give user feedback
  4. Motivate satisfied customers to recommend or gift spa services to people among their social circles
  5. Streamline orders taken at point of sale with service appointment booking calendar
  6. Manage revenue by setting prices as per demand in various seasons
  7. Managing staff by studying their sales contributions in various time periods

Loyera POS is a flexible spa management software that has features which can be used to optimize sales and operations for any kind or scale of spa business:


  1. Product management by adding customizable categories, sub-categories, tags, and other attributes
  2. Adding stock and prices of each service or product with other relevant details
  3. Setting up desired payment options
  4. Order processing parking and retrieving
  5. Issuing of print and e-receipts to clients
  6. Sending offers and discounts to customers
  7. Loyalty add-on to retain customers and grow client base
  8. Ecommerce add-on to allow customers to book appointments online
  9. Access to analytics of sales and payments for managers
  10. Cloud-based database

Benefits of Loyera for spas and its clients

Once a business has set its business goals, they can customize Loyera POS features to reach their goals. It offers product and order management features with business analytics and marketing capabilities to businesses to empower them to reach their sales, revenue and operations objectives.

With Loyera POS product management features, spas can add all their therapies and treatments with their variations in the system. Details of thes therapies, messages and treatments can be added with their prices, applicable taxes, etc., so that all the services availed by client can be efficiently recorded.

Order management features of this spa management software allow spas to book appointments for clients for available slots. Discounts can be given to users at the time of sale, and new products or services can be added at point of sale, if a customer wants to customize any service.

With loyalty and e-commerce add-ons, Loyera POS users can retain customers and take appointments online, respectively. Businesses can access order and payment logs to ensure that orders are properly completed and payments are timely received.

Customers also benefit from Loyera app, as they can use it to explore all the treatments, therapies and messages available with a spa. Clients can access their order receipts and log and track the loyalty reward points they have earned overtime with a spa. The app also enables customers to discover discounts and offers available with service providers.

How to get started with Loyera

Spas of various kinds and sizes can install Loyera with ease and at almost no cost. Any computer or mobile device can be used to install the app at points of sale.

Multiple outlets of a spa can use one Loyera account to centrally manage the inventory, prices, staff, etc. Business can start selling and promoting services as soon as they have added at least one outlet and service. Different payment options can be set up to receive payments from customers.

The Loyera POS software enables cloud-based data that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, ensuring that manager and owners located at different locations can manage sales, inventory, products, staff and revenue using data updated in real-time. This billing software for spas is easy to install and use.

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