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Loyalty Programs for Students

Educational institutions are continually facing cutbacks and the challenges around the education sector. At this point, parents, as well as students, have less time on their hands, and they’re struggling for the same. Students, parents, and kids love your educational programs and courses. So, why not leverage their passion for maximizing the reach of your brand? What if you received a discount on every membership fee went directly to an educational institution of your choice?

With loyalty software for a tutor, you can achieve this – we bring you exclusive discounts and offers from our business partners nationally or internationally. By signing up on the Customer Loyalty Programs for Tutor, each educator or tutor can earn points by inviting students and other tutors to be listed on Loyera. In turn, these points can be redeemed too. Loyera works for the education sector. Colleges, Universities, Sports institutes, art, and recreation, etc. can deploy referral marketing programs in minutes on their website, or on the mobile, or can also take that up through email marketing programs.

What can you Offer Your Students?

It’s no secret that getting students excited about learning can be a challenge, but our student rewards program will give them a push what they need to learn and do well further in their studies. We have enlisted some ways that you can access to reward your customers.

  1. When you refer a new student to Loyera, and that student takes lessons with you, you will be receiving an exclusive discount with no platform fee for lessons with them.
  2. At times, your referred student decides to take lessons with another tutor; then the student will have the cost of their first lesson with that tutor covered. Also, you will receive reward points after that lesson has concluded.
  3. If you would like to refer a new tutor to be listed on Loyera, then you’ll get points after the referred tutor concludes their first lesson.

Above all, there are many other discounts or reward points that you can acquire from time-to-time while managing your students and offering them a seamless rewards redemption experience.

Benefits for You and your Students

As a member, you’ll not only have the choice of using our featured offers, but you can also us a request for discounts from companies not currently listed on our website. We can go the extra mile to provide you with offers that suit your specific needs.

Benefits for Members:

  1. Reward points for sign-ups.
  2. Earn points for every dollar you spend.
  3. Can earn tailored rewards to individuals’ interests.
  4. Can share your benefits with family, or friends.
  5. Spread the word to your friends; you’ll be liable to receive a coupon, or discount, or reward points.

Benefits for Tutors:

  1. Long-term sustainable income-generating program.
  2. Generate highly influential referrals.
  3. Improve customer retention and increase customer engagement.
  4. Receive a monthly email statement showing exactly how much your beneficiary has raised.

Getting Started with Loyera

We are building a network of students and tutors, who can come along together on the same platform, and support this initiative. Parents, students, and other educational institutions grasp their lessons from our network, and in turn, we give them a discount or reward points. To make the most of this opportunity, all you need to do is register your business with us. You’ll be benefited with a considerable number of rewards.

A cloud-based application that inclines to be simple, efficient and easy-to-use. You’ll be having the highest level of engagement by engaging your students via adding other features to the application such as – an event calendar, store updates, photos/videos, coupons, etc. You can also send ‘push notifications’ that are similar to SMS messages. It is inbuilt in the application to buzz your member’s phone and display a message. It will be an extremely effective option at broadcasting promotions or updating members on their point status.

It’s all about deciding what will engage students most without incurring a loss to your business while setting up your Loyalty Software For Tutor.

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